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Help-seeking for possible cancer symptoms after a previous 'all clear' diagnosis

Limited data are available on the consequences of diagnostic examinations with an 'all clear' diagnosis on subsequent attitudes and help-seeking in case of new or recurrent potential cancer symptoms. A previous 'all clear' diagnosis can lead to delayed help-seeking due to normalisation of persistent symptoms or concerns about appearing hypochondriac. The aim of this project is to evaluate symptom awareness and help-seeking for cancer symptoms among people having previously undergone examinations which did not result in a cancer diagnosis. 

We have performed a community symptom survey and nested qualitative interview studies investigating psychological and socio-demographic correlates of symptom appraisal in an everyday context (without mention of cancer).

This project was funded by a Cancer Research UK Research Bursary for Clinicians awarded to Dr Cristina Renzi (2014).

Principal investigator: Dr Cristina Renzi

Contact: Dr Cristina Renzi(c.renzi@ucl.ac.uk)

Relevant publications

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