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Epidemiology of diagnosis of cancer as an emergency

The diagnosis of cancer as an emergency is a globally understudied phenomenon and a priority for research and policies in cancer prevention and control.  Using primary care, secondary care and cancer registry data we have examined symptomatic presentations during the months before a colorectal cancer diagnosis in order to understand if there are opportunities for earlier diagnosis, focusing in particular on emergency presentations. We are also examining patient and health-care related factors evaluating possible inequalities in early diagnosis.

This research is funded by a Cancer Research UK Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship awarded to Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos (2015-2020), and a Cancer Research UK Early Diagnosis Advisory Group Project grant (2014-2016) and BMA TP Gunton grant awarded to Dr Cristina Renzi (2016-2018).

Principal investigator: Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos & Dr Cristina Renzi

Contact: Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos - (y.lyratzopoulos@ucl.ac.uk) 

Relevant publications

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