Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


FLU: Evaluating the implementation of vaccinating school-aged children against seasonal influenza

Mixed method evaluation of the implementation of a national programme to immunise school-aged children against seasonal influenza, with four strands of activity:

  • Operational research analysis of the different approaches adopted by provider organisations when delivering immunisation in school settings and of the role of uncertainty in limiting vaccine utilisation
  • Organisational ethnography studying the barriers and facilitators experienced by those working to implement the programme at national and local level
  • Attitudinal research to capture parental perspectives on aspects of the programme
  • And health economic analysis of implementation costs and of different staffing model

Principal Investigator: Professor Martin Utley


Prof Naomi Fulop

Prof Rob Horne

Prof Steve Morris

Dr Angus Ramsay

Dr Simon Turner

Dr Pauline Paterson

Research team:

Dr Sarah Perman

Dr Will Schulz

Dr Heidi Larson

Dr Abigail Baim-Lance

Dr Sarah Jane Besser

Dr Luca Grieco

Dr Mariya Melnychuk

Dr Andrew Wilshere

Funder: Department of Health Policy Research Programme

Start Date:  2013

Project Duration: 3 years

Contact: angus.ramsay@ucl.ac.uk