Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Phase 12

Thank you very much to all our participants for continuing to take part in the Stress and Health (Whitehall II) Study. We have now completed the twelfth phase of the study, which started in February 2015 and finished in December 2016.

Following requests from many of you, this phase was based at several clinics throughout the UK. Each clinic was open for a set period during 2015-2016. We hope that this made the journey to us more manageable. Home visits were also available for those who were unable to travel a clinic.

Participants were contacted to set up an appointment. A confirmation letter was sent out with the agreed appointment date and time, together with the following documents with the confirmation letter.

Clinic Visits
Home Visits

Below is a table listing the regions and the opening periods for the clinics and home visits.



Clinic Locations

London and South EastFeb 2015 - Oct 2016Hanson Street, London W1
South West and South/West WalesApr 2015 - Sept 2015Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1
Midlands and Mid-WalesOct 2015 - Nov 2015Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2
North and North WalesJan 2016 - Mar 2016The Strand, Liverpool L1

If there are any questions about the clinic and home visits, please contact us on the freephone number 0800 068 1562.