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Pause before you post: social media classroom resource

12 February 2020

The National Literacy Trust and ICLS launch a new resource to help promote conversations in the classroom about social media use, literacy and wellbeing.

Young people using social media

A collaboration between ICLS, UCL students and the National Literacy Trust (NLT) has led to the development of a free-to-download classroom resource to prompt discussion about the effects, both positive and negative, of social media on young people.

The engaging classroom activity was created in partnership with secondary school students themselves, UCL students Emma Walker, Kritika Rai, Loes Wals and Alyson Ong, and is based around research looking at the links between heavy social media use and young people's mental health by ICLS Director Professor Yvonne Kelly together with research from the NLT on fake news and literacy and wellbeing. 

The resource, launched as part of Safer Internet Day, was the result of an 18 month collaboration between the Trust and ICLS, which included hosting an event for schoolchildren designed and presented by the UCL students with support from Yvonne, the Centre's Impact and Engagement Associate, Chris Garrington and a team from the NLT.
To launch the resource, NLT's Irene Picton also wrote a blog outlining the collaboration.