Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care



Visitors may be invited to the Institute via one of the following routes:

Affiliate Academics: visits of more than 4 weeks

  • All academics visiting for more than 4 weeks come under the UCL Affiliate Academics scheme, which is for persons holding established academic posts overseas in institutions of higher education.
  • Admission as an Affiliate is based on an application to pursue work in a particular field of research in one of the Institutes research departments.
  • All affiliate academics will be expected to pay fees and must be invited via the correct route.

More information can be found: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/affiliate_academic_scheme.php

Short Term Visiting Academics: visits of less than 4 weeks

Academics and Researchers who would like to stay at the Institute for less than four weeks will not be eligible to join the formal Affiliate Academic Scheme. However, they can still make use of some of the Institute facilities, the department may be expected to pay for some services. They may also be asked to provide a contribution by presentation of a paper/ seminar etc.

This must be approved by your Research Department Adminstration Lead

Research Students

  • Can apply to spend 3- 6 months at UCL.
  • Needs to be link to a relevant academic and an area with IEHC.
  • Applicants using the facilities at UCL towards a higher degree are classified as a Visiting Research Student, for which information is available on the UCL International Office website.

Work Experience Placements

Please refer to UCL's work experience policy


  • All applications will require Head of Research Departmental approval and need to be submitted via your local departmental adminstrative leads.
  • Applications should be made no less than one month before arrival, please allow for up to four month for Affiliate Academic applications.