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Human Behaviour Change Project

The Human Behaviour Change Project

We are collaborating with the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change to develop the science of behaviour change through improved models and theories, and in the Human Behaviour Change Project to develop and automated system for reading the world literature on behaviour change and using this to answer variants of the question: What works, with what behaviours, how well, compared with what, for whom, in what setting, with what exposure, and why?

Investigators: Robert West, Susan Michie, John Shawe-Taylor, James Thomas, Mike Kelly, Marie Johnston and Pol Mac Aonghusa

Contact: Susan Michie (s.michie[at]ucl.ac.uk)

Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/health-psychology/research/HBCP

Funding: Wellcome Trust - Collaborative Award in Science (2016- 2020)

External collaborators

  • Human Behaviour Change Project
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Aberdeen
  • IBM