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Early Career Researchers Forum

The Early Career Researcher Forum (ECF) is an ongoing and expanding programme of regular seminars for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students across the IEHC Departments. The ECF events provide educational and networking opportunities to a wide audience of IEHC staff and students (both women and men) and encourage interdisciplinary interaction.

The aim of the ECF is to integrate the existing and emerging Institute activities for early career researchers.

One of the examples is a series of monthly talks for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students, which was launched at the Epidemiology and Public Health Department in July 2013, with the support of colleagues from the Departments of Applied Health Research, Infection and Population Health, and Primary Care and Population Health. These seminars are currently run by the members of the ECF, whose membership includes PhD students and Research Staff. In February 2015 the ECF organised a one-day seminar "Get your career going!" with presentation topics including teaching in higher education, how to transfer skills, and careers in policy-making.

The ECF has organised roughly 20 seminars since 2013 (full list is below). Seminars and workshops have focused on academic job search, authorship and publishing, patient and public involvement in research, using social media in research (including film), how best PhD students can prepare for their viva, and oral and poster presentations. Forthcoming events will address academic career planning and development, mixed methods research, literature and systematic reviews, and other topics which are highly relevant for students and individuals early in their career.

Another example is a monthly PhD and junior researcher journal club, organised by Sungano Chigogora and Elisa Pineda, facilitated by Panos Demakakos, a senior member of staff at IEHC. This group meets in an informal setting to critically evaluate recent articles in epidemiology and public health.

If you would like to participate in the ECF activities, share the information about the events at your Department, or suggest topics for future seminars, please get in touch via email (epidemiology-health-care-ecf@ucl.ac.uk). The ECF twitter handle is @IEHC_ECF.

IEHC Early Career Forum seminars / workshops

N Date Venue Speaker Topic
1 19/07/12013 EPH

Dr Nicola Shelton,

Senior Lecturer, EPH

Getting your first job in academia: why you are the right person for the job, and why the job is the right job for you?
2 22/08/2013 EPH

Dr Henry Potts,

Senior Lecturer, CHIME

Negotiating authorship. Who should be a co-author on my paper? When should I be a co-author on another's paper? And how do I then capitalise on my contribution?
3 26/09/2013 EPH ECF Leads ECF introduction for new PhD students (part of the PhD Induction)
4 16/10/2013 EPH Dr Bernardine Stegeman, Research Associate, EPH Mastering oral presentations: learn from my mistakes
5 26/11/2013 EPH Gemma Archer, Baowen Xue, PhD students, EPH Poster presentations (part of the preparation for the EPH Open Day/poster competition on 09/01/2014)
6 22/01/2014 EPH Dr Kathy Barrett, Careers Consultant and Deputy Head, UCL Careers Finding and funding a post-doc position
7 26/02/2014 EPH Gosia Kielbasa, European Contracts Manager, UCL European Research and Innovation Office Individual funding opportunities under Horizon 2020
8 27/03/2014 EPH Teaching Panel (IEHC staff members and PhD students) Time to teach: from taking off to thriving
9 30/04/2014 EPH Career Trajectory Panel (IEHC staff members) Versatile career trajectories in academia: no such thing as one path?
10 04/06/2014 Royal Free Dr Richard Freeman, Programme leader for Researcher Development, Institute of Education The importance of Networking in Research Posts
11 17/01/2014 EPH Dr Bernardine Stegeman, Research Associate, EPH; Jemma O'Connor, Research Assistant/PhD Student, IPH; Lauren Bird, PhD Student, EPH Organizing and writing: top tips for long documents
12 27/08/2014 EPH Dr Ernesto Laval, Visiting Research Associate, Institute of Education Data visualisation - A different way to "see" what data tells us
13 22/10/2014 Royal Free Dr Colette Smith, Lecturer in Biostatistics, IPH Peer reviewing papers
14 26/11/2014 EPH Sungano Chigogora, Gemma Archer, PhD Students, EPH Poster Presentations
15 21/01/2015 Cruciform Alison Rooper, independent film maker and Robert Eagle, UCL's multimedia producer

Using film to build research impact:

A practical guide to getting a wider audience for your research

16 19/2/2015 Kennedy lecture theatre One-day workshop "Get your career going!"
17 27/5/2015 Drayton Rosamund Yu (Joint Research Office, UCL PPI manager) Actively involving patients and the public in research (Patient and Public Involvement)
18 15/7/2015 EPH Ewan Carr How to prepare your viva
19 29/10/2015 EPH Sungano Chigogora Poster Presentations
 20 17/11/2015 TBC Sonali Wayal Literature searches and use of PICO criteria in research