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List of Whitehall II publications by Whitehall II researchers, ordered alphabetically by first author. This list includes consortium papers. 

  • Associations between APOE and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol genotypes and cognitive and physical capability: the HALCyon programme.  Alfred T, Ben-Shlomo Y, Cooper R, Hardy R, Cooper C, Deary IJ, Elliott J, Gunnell D, Harris SE, Kivimaki M, Kumari M, Martin RM, Power C, Sayer AA, Starr JM, Kuh D, Day IN; HALCyon Study Team.Age (Dordr), 36(4):9673, 2014 (PMID: 25073452)
  • Genetic association study of QT interval highlights role for calcium signaling pathways in myocardial repolarization. Arking DE, […] Kivimaki M, […] Kumari M, […]Newton-Cheh C. Nature Genetics, 46(8), 826-836, 2014, (PMID: 24952745)
  • Sleep duration and sleep disturbances partly explain the association between depressive symptoms and cardiovascular mortality: the Whitehall II cohort study. Azevedo Da Silva M, Singh-Manoux A, Shipley MJ, Vahtera J, Brunner EJ, Ferrie JE, Kivimäki M, Nabi H. J Journal of Sleep Research, 23, 94-97, 2014 (PMID: 23898807)
  • Neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation, perceived neighborhood factors, and cortisol responses to induced stress among healthy adults. Barrington WE, Stafford M, Hamer M, Beresford SA, Koepsell T, Steptoe A. Health & Place, 27, 120-126, 2014 (PMID: 24603009)
  • Generalizability of occupational cohort study findings. Batty GD, Shipley M, Tabák A, Singh-Manoux A, Brunner E, Britton A, Kivimäki M. Epidemiology, (6):932-933, 2014 (PMID: 25265141)
  • Psychological distress and risk of peripheral vascular disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and heart failure: pooling of sixteen cohort studies. Batty GD, Russ TC, Stamatakis E, Kivimäki M. Atherosclerosis, 236(2), 385-388, 2014, (PMID: 25137648)
  • Combined effect of physical activity and leisure time sitting on long-term risk of incident obesity and metabolic risk factor clustering.  Bell JA, Hamer M, Batty GD, Singh-Manoux A, Sabia S, Kivimaki M.Diabetologia, 57(10), 2048-2056, 2014 (PMID: 25078481)
  • Metabolically healthy obesity and risk of incident type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. Bell JA, Kivimaki M, Hamer M. Obesity Reviews, 15(6), 504-515, 2014 (PMID: 24661566)
  • Metabolically healthy obesity: what is the role of sedentary behaviour?  Bell JA, Kivimaki M, Batty GD, Hamer M.  Preventive Medicine, 62, 35-37, 2014 (PMID: 24513171)
  • Depressive disorder, coronary heart disease, and stroke: dose-response and reverse causation effects in the Whitehall II cohort study.  Brunner EJ, Shipley MJ, Britton AR, Stansfeld SA, Heuschmann PU, Rudd AG, Wolfe CD, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimaki M. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 21, 340-346, 2014 (PMID: 24491401)
  • Persistent financial hardship, 11-year weight gain, and health behaviors in the Whitehall II study. Conklin AI, Forouhi NG, Brunner EJ, Monsivais P. Obesity, 22(12), 2606-2612, 2014 (PMID: 25155547)
  • A non-linear association between self-reported negative emotional response to stress and subsequent allostatic load: prospective results from the Whitehall II cohort study.  Dich N, Doan SN, Kivimäki M, Kumari M, Rod NH.  Psychoneuroendocrinology, 49, 54-61, 2014 (PMID: 25051528)
  • Trajectories of the Framingham general cardiovascular risk profile in midlife and poor motor function later in life: The Whitehall II study. Elbaz A, Shipley MJ, Nabi H, Brunner EJ, Kivimaki M, Singh-Manoux A. International Journal of Cardiology, 172, 96-102, 2014 (PMID: 24461963)  
  • The healthy population-high disability paradox.  Ferrie JE, Virtanen M, Kivimaki M.  Occupational and environmental Medicine, 71(4), 232-233, 2014 (PMID: 24492070)
  • Study protocol: The Whitehall II imaging sub-study.  Filippini N, Zsoldos E, Haapakoski R, Sexton CE, Mahmood A, Allan CL, Topiwala A, Valkanova V, Brunner EJ, Shipley MJ, Auerbach E, Moeller S, Uğurbil K, Xu J, Yacoub E, Andersson J, Bijsterbosch J, Clare S, Griffanti L, Hess AT, Jenkinson M, Miller KL, Salimi-Khorshidi G, Sotiropoulos SN, Voets NL, Smith SM, Geddes JR, Singh-Manoux A, Mackay CE, Kivimäki M, Ebmeier KP.  BMC Psychiatry, 14:159, 2014 (PMID: 24885374)
  • Association of diurnal patterns in salivary cortisol with type 2 diabetes in the Whitehall II study. Hackett RA, Steptoe A, Kumari M. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 99(12), 4625-4631, 2014 (PMID: 25215558)
  • Association between sitting time in midlife and common mental disorder symptoms: Whitehall II prospective cohort study. Hagger-Johnson G, Hamer M, Stamatakis E, Bell JA, Shahab L, Batty GD. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 57, 182-184, 2014 (PMID: 24998017)
  • Effects of substituting sedentary time with physical activity on metabolic risk. Hamer M, Stamatakis E, Steptoe A. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 46(10), 1946-1950, 2014 (PMID: 24674977)
  • Non-consent to a wrist-worn accelerometer in older adults: the role of socio-demographic, behavioural and health factors. Hassani M, Kivimaki M, Elbaz A, Shipley M, Singh-Manoux A, Sabia S.  PLoS One, 9(10):e110816, 20147 (PMID: 25343453)
  • Job strain and COPD exacerbations: an individual-participant meta-analysis. Heikkilä K, Madsen IE, Nyberg ST, Fransson EI, Ahola K, Alfredsson L, Bjorner JB, Borritz M, Burr H, Knutsson A, Koskenvuo M, Koskinen A, Nielsen ML, Nordin M, Pahkin K, Pentti J, Rugulies R, Salo P, Shipley MJ, Suominen SB, Theorell T, Väänänen A, Vahtera J, Virtanen M, Westerholm PJ, Batty GD, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M; IPD-Work Consortium.  The European Respiratory Journal, 44(1), 247-251, 2014 (PMID 24696117
  • Job strain and the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases: individual-participant meta-analysis of 95,000 men and women. Heikkilä K, Madsen IE, Nyberg ST, Fransson EI, Ahola K, Alfredsson L, Bjorner JB, Borritz M, Burr H, Dragano N, Ferrie JE, Knutsson A, Koskenvuo M, Koskinen A, Nielsen ML, Nordin M, Pejtersen JH, Pentti J, Rugulies R, Oksanen T, Shipley MJ, Suominen SB, Theorell T, Väänänen A, Vahtera J, Virtanen M, Westerlund H, Westerholm PJ, Batty GD, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M; IPD-Work Consortium.  PLoS One, 9(2):e88711, 2014 (PMID: 24558416)  
  • Job strain and the risk of severe asthma exacerbations: a meta-analysis of individual-participant data from 100 000 European men and women. Heikkilä K, Madsen IE, Nyberg ST, Fransson EI, Westerlund H, Westerholm PJ, Virtanen M, Vahtera J, Väänänen A, Theorell T, Suominen SB, Shipley MJ, Salo P, Rugulies R, Pentti J, Pejtersen JH, Oksanen T, Nordin M, Nielsen ML, Kouvonen A, Koskinen A, Koskenvuo M, Knutsson A, Ferrie JE, Dragano N, Burr H, Borritz M, Bjorner JB, Alfredsson L, Batty GD, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M; IPD-Work Consortium.  Allergy, 69(6), 775-783, 2014 (PMID: 24725175
  • Genetic determinants of circulating interleukin-1 receptor antagonist levels and their association with glycemic traits. Herder C, Nuotio ML, Shah S, Blankenberg S, Brunner EJ, Carstensen M, Gieger C, Grallert H, Jula A, Kähönen M, Kettunen J, Kivimäki M, Koenig W, Kristiansson K, Langenberg C, Lehtimäki T, Luotola K, Marzi C, Müller C, Peters A, Prokisch H, Raitakari O, Rathmann W, Roden M, Salmi M, Schramm K, Swerdlow D, Tabak AG, Thorand B, Wareham N, Wild PS, Zeller T, Hingorani AD, Witte DR, Kumari M, Perola M, Salomaa V.  Diabetes, 63, 4343-4359, 2014 (PMID: 24969107)
  • Novel approach identifies SNPs in SLC2A10 and KCNK9 with evidence for parent-of-origin effect on body mass index. Hoggart CJ, Venturini G, Mangino M, Gomez F, Ascari G, Zhao JH, Teumer A, Winkler TW, Tšernikova N, Luan J, Mihailov E, Ehret GB, Zhang W, Lamparter D, Esko T, Macé A, Rüeger S, Bochud PY, Barcella M, Dauvilliers Y, Benyamin B, Evans DM, Hayward C, Lopez MF, Franke L, Russo A, Heid IM, Salvi E, Vendantam S, Arking DE, Boerwinkle E, Chambers JC, Fiorito G, Grallert H, Guarrera S, Homuth G, Huffman JE, Porteous D; Generation Scotland Consortium; LifeLines Cohort study; GIANT Consortium, Moradpour D, Iranzo A, Hebebrand J, Kemp JP, Lammers GJ, Aubert V, Heim MH, Martin NG, Montgomery GW, Peraita-Adrados R, Santamaria J, Negro F, Schmidt CO, Scott RA, Spector TD, Strauch K, Völzke H, Wareham NJ, Yuan W, Bell JT, Chakravarti A, Kooner JS, Peters A, Matullo G, Wallaschofski H, Whitfield JB, Paccaud F, Vollenweider P, Bergmann S, Beckmann JS, Tafti M, Hastie ND, Cusi D, Bochud M, Frayling TM, Metspalu A, Jarvelin MR, Scherag A, Smith GD, Borecki IB, Rousson V, Hirschhorn JN, Rivolta C, Loos RJ, Kutalik Z.  PLoS Genetics, 10(7):e1004508, 2014 (PMID: 25078964
  • Association between alcohol and cardiovascular disease: Mendelian randomisation analysis based on individual participant data.  Holmes MV, [...] Marmot MG, [...] Kumari M, [...] Kivimaki M, [...] Hingorani AD, [...] Casas JP; InterAct Consortium.  British Medical Journal, 349:g4164, 2014 (PMID: 25011450
  • Novel genetic approach to investigate the role of plasma secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2)-V isoenzyme in coronary heart disease: modified Mendelian randomization analysis using PLA2G5 expression levels.  Holmes MV, Exeter HJ, Folkersen L, Nelson CP, Guardiola M, Cooper JA, Sofat R, Boekholdt SM, Khaw KT, Li KW, Smith AJ, Van't Hooft F, Eriksson P, Franco-Cereceda A, Asselbergs FW, Boer JM, Onland-Moret NC, Hofker M, Erdmann J, Kivimaki M, Kumari M, Reiner AP, Keating BJ, Humphries SE, Hingorani AD, Mallat Z, Samani NJ, Talmud PJ; CARDIoGRAM Consortium.  Circulation. Cardiovascular Genetics, 7(2), 144-150, 2014 (PMID: 24563418
  • Effect of secular trends on age-related trajectories of cardiovascular risk factors: the Whitehall II longitudinal study 1985-2009.  Hulmán A, Tabák AG, Nyári TA, Vistisen D, Kivimäki M, Brunner EJ, Witte DR.  International Journal of Epidemiology, 43(3), 866-77, 2014 (PMID: 24464190
  • Personality change associated with chronic diseases: pooled analysis of four prospective cohort studies.  Jokela M, Hakulinen C, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M. Psychological Medicine, 44(12), 2629-2640, 2014 (PMID: 25055176)  
  • Personality traits as risk factors for stroke and coronary heart disease mortality: pooled analysis of three cohort studies.  Jokela M, Pulkki-Råback L, Elovainio M, Kivimäki M. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 37(5), 881-889, 2014 (PMID: 24203126)  
  • Association of metabolically healthy obesity with depressive symptoms: pooled analysis of eight studies. Jokela M, Hamer M, Singh-Manoux A, Batty GD, Kivimäki M. Molecular Psychiatry, 19(8):910-914, 2014 (PMID: 24296976)  
  • Is personality associated with cancer incidence and mortality? An individual-participant meta-analysis of 2156 incident cancer cases among 42,843 men and women.  Jokela M, Batty GD, Hintsa T, Elovainio M, Hakulinen C, Kivimäki M.  British Journal of Cancer, 110(7), 1820-1824, 2014 (PMID: 24504367) 
  • Personality and risk of diabetes in adults: Pooled analysis of 5 cohort studies. Jokela M, Elovainio M, Nyberg ST, Tabák AG, Hintsa T, Batty GD, Kivimäki M. Health Psychology, 33, 1618-1621, 2014 (PMID: 23957901)
  • Long-term inflammation increases risk of common mental disorder: a cohort study. Kivimäki M, Shipley MJ, Batty GD, Hamer M, Akbaraly TN, Kumari M, Jokela M,Virtanen M, Lowe GD, Ebmeier KP, Brunner EJ, Singh-Manoux A. Molecular Psychiatry, 19, 149-150, 2014 (PMID: 23568195)
  • Cumulative meta-analysis of job strain and CHD.  Kivimäki M, Batty GD, Ferrie JE, Kawachi I. Epidemiology, 25(3), 464-465, 2014 (PMID: 24713883
  • Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story: an illustration of citation bias in epidemiologic research.  Kivimäki M, Batty GD, Kawachi I, Virtanen M, Singh-Manoux A, Brunner EJ.  American Journal of Epidemiology, 180(4), 446-448, 2014 (PMID: 24989242)  
  • Alcohol consumption and cognitive performance: a Mendelian randomization study.  Kumari M, Holmes MV, Dale CE, Hubacek JA, Palmer TM, Pikhart H, Peasey A, Britton A, Horvat P, Kubinova R, Malyutina S, Pajak A, Tamosiunas A, Shankar A, Singh-Manoux A, Voevoda M, Kivimaki M, Hingorani AD, Marmot MG, Casas JP, Bobak M.  Addiction, 109(9), 1462-1471, (PMID: 24716453
  • Conflicts between work and family life and subsequent sleep problems among employees from Finland, Britain, and Japan. Lallukka T, Ferrie JE, Kivimäki M, Shipley MJ, Sekine M, Tatsuse T, Pietiläinen O, Rahkonen O, Marmot MG, Lahelma E. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 21, 310-318, 2014 (PMID: 23479341)
  • Negative aspects of close relationships as risk factors for cognitive aging.  Liao J, Head J, Kumari M, Stansfeld S, Kivimaki M, Singh-Manoux A, Brunner EJ. American Journal of Epidemiology, 180, 1118-25, 2014 (PMID: 25342204)
  • Metabolic mediators of the effects of body-mass index, overweight, and obesity on coronary heart disease and stroke: a pooled analysis of 97 prospective cohorts with 1.8 million participants. Global Burden of Metabolic Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases Collaboration (BMI Mediated Effects), Lu Y, Hajifathalian K, Ezzati M, Woodward M, Rimm EB, Danaei G.  Lancet, 383, 970-83, 2014 (PMID: 24269108)
  • Job strain as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes: a pooled analysis of 124,808 men and women. Nyberg ST, Fransson EI, Heikkilä K, Ahola K, Alfredsson L, Bjorner JB, Borritz M, Burr H, Dragano N, Goldberg M, Hamer M, Jokela M, Knutsson A, Koskenvuo M, Koskinen A, Kouvonen A, Leineweber C, Madsen IE, Magnusson Hanson LL, Marmot MG, Nielsen ML, Nordin M, Oksanen T, Pejtersen JH, Pentti J, Rugulies R, Salo P, Siegrist J, Steptoe A, Suominen S, Theorell T, Väänänen A, Vahtera J, Virtanen M, Westerholm PJ, Westerlund H, Zins M, Batty GD, Brunner EJ, Ferrie JE, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M; IPD-Work Consortium.  Diabetes Care, 37(8), 2268-2275, 2014 (PMID: 25061139)
  • Socioeconomic deprivation and the incidence of 12 cardiovascular diseases in 1.9 million women and men: implications for risk prediction and prevention.  Pujades-Rodriguez M, Timmis A, Stogiannis D, Rapsomaniki E, Denaxas S, Shah A, Feder G, Kivimaki M, Hemingway H.  PLoS One, 9(8):e104671, 2014 (PMID: 25144739)  
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  • No evidence of a longitudinal association between diurnal cortisol patterns and cognition.  Singh-Manoux A, Dugravot A, Elbaz A, Shipley M, Kivimaki M, Kumari M.  Neurobiology of Aging, 35(10), 2239-2245, 2014 (PMID: 24735831)
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  • Stratification by Smoking Status Reveals an Association of CHRNA5-A3-B4 Genotype with Body Mass Index in Never Smokers.  Taylor AE, Morris RW, Fluharty ME, Bjorngaard JH, Asvold BO, Gabrielsen ME, Campbell A, Marioni R, Kumari M, Hällfors J, Männistö S, Marques-Vidal P, Kaakinen M, Cavadino A, Postmus I, Husemoen LL, Skaaby T, Ahluwalia TS, Treur JL, Willemsen G, Dale C, Wannamethee SG, Lahti J, Palotie A, Räikkönen K, Kisialiou A, McConnachie A, Padmanabhan S, Wong A, Dalgård C, Paternoster L, Ben-Shlomo Y, Tyrrell J, Horwood J, Fergusson DM, Kennedy MA, Frayling T, Nohr EA, Christiansen L, Ohm Kyvik K, Kuh D, Watt G, Eriksson J, Whincup PH, Vink JM, Boomsma DI, Davey Smith G, Lawlor D, Linneberg A, Ford I, Jukema JW, Power C, Hyppönen E, Jarvelin MR, Preisig M, Borodulin K, Kaprio J, Kivimaki M, Smith BH, Hayward C, Romundstad PR, Sørensen TI, Munafò MR, Sattar N. PLoS Genetics, 10(12):e1004799, 2014 (PMID: 25474695)
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