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List of Whitehall II publications by Whitehall II researchers, ordered alphabetically by first author.

Please see below Consortium papers where Whitehall II data were used.

  • Alternative Healthy Eating Index and mortality over 18 y of follow-up: results from the Whitehall II cohort. Akbaraly TN, Ferrie JE, Berr C, Brunner EJ, Head J, Marmot MG, Singh-Manoux A, Ritchie K, Shipley MJ, Kivimaki M.  Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jul; 94(1):247-53 (PMID: 21613557)
  • Absence of association of a single-nucleotide polymorphism in the TERT-CLPTM1L locus with age-related phenotypes in a large multicohort study: the HALCyon programme. Alfred T, [...], Kivimaki M, Kumari M, Martin RM, [...] and the HALCyon study team. Aging Cell. 2011 Jun; 10(3):520-32 (PMID: 21332924)
  • Socioeconomic status and reduced kidney function in the Whitehall II Study: role of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Al-Qaoud TM, Nitsch D, Wells J, Witte DR, Brunner EJ. Am J Kidney Dis. 2011 Sep; 58(3):389-9 (PMID: 21719176)
  • Height loss and future coronary heart disease in London: the Whitehall II study. GD, Shipley MJ, Gunnell D, Davey Smith G, Ferrie JE, Clarke R, Marmot MG, Kivimaki M.  J Epidemiol Community Health. 2011 May; 65(5):461-4 (PMID: 20805197)
  • Modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer mortality in London: forty years of follow-up in the Whitehall study. Batty, G. D., Kivimäki, M., Clarke, R., Davey Smith, G., Shipley, M. J.  Cancer Causes and Control, 22, 311-318, 2012 (PMID: 21116843)
  • A prospective study of positive psychological well-being and coronary heart disease. Boehm JK, Peterson C, Kivimaki M, Kubzansky L.  Health Psychol. 2011 May; 30(3):259-67 (PMID: 21553969)
  • Heart health when life is satisfying: evidence from the Whitehall II cohort study. Boehm JK, Peterson C, Kivimaki M, Kubzansky L.  Eur Heart J. 2011 Nov;32(21):2672-7 (PMID: 21727096)
  • Decline in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration: lipid-lowering drugs, diet, or physical activity? Bouillon K, Singh-Manoux A, Jokela M, Shipley MJ, Batty GD, Brunner EJ, Sabia S, Tabák AG, Akbaraly T, Ferrie JE, Kivimäki M. Evidence from the Whitehall II study. Heart. 2011 Jun; 97(11):923-30 (PMID: 21487128)
  • Limitations to functioning and independent living after the onset of coronary heart disease: what is the role of lifestyle factors and obesity?Britton A, Brunner E, Kivimaki M, Shipley MJ.  Eur J Public Health. 2011 Oct 29. [Epub ahead of print] (PMID: 22037803)
  • Arterial stiffness, physical function, and functional limitation: the Whitehall II Study. Brunner EJ, Shipley MJ, Witte DR, Singh-Manoux A, Britton AR, Tabak AG, McEniery CM, Wilkinson IB, Kivimaki M.  Hypertension. 2011 May; 57(5):1003-9 (PMID: 21444833)
  • Avoiding bias from weak instruments in Mendelian randomization studies. Burgess, S. et al  International Journal of Epidemiology, 40, 755-764., 2012 (PMID: 21414999)
  • The Long Reach of Childhood Health and Circumstance: Evidence from the Whitehall II Study. Case A, Paxson C.  Econ J (London) (2011) Aug;121(554):F183-F204, 2012 (PMID: 22228912)
  • Genome-wide association study identifies loci influencing concentrations of liver enzymes in plasma. Chambers, J. C. et al. (>100 investigators including Kivimäki, M.)  Nature Genetics, 43, 1131-1138, 2012 (PMID 22001757)
  • Socioeconomic differences in cardiometabolic factors: social causation or health-related selection? Evidence from the Whitehall II Cohort Study, 1991-2004. Elovainio M, Ferrie JE, Singh-Manoux A, Shipley M, Batty GD, Head J, Hamer M, Jokela M, Virtanen M, Brunner E, Marmot MG, Kivimäki M.  Am J Epidemiol. 2011 Oct 1; 174(7):779-89 (PMID: 21813793)
  • Change in sleep duration and cognitive function: findings from the Whitehall II Study. Ferrie JE, Shipley MJ, Akbaraly TN, Marmot MG, Kivimäki M, Singh-Manoux A.  Sleep. 2011 May 1; 34(5):565-73 (PMID: 21532949)
  • Socioeconomic and ethnic differences in use of lipid-lowering drugs after deregulation of simvastatin in the UK: the Whitehall II prospective cohort study. Forde I, Chandola T, Raine R, Marmot MG, Kivimaki M.  Atherosclerosis. 2011 Mar; 215(1):223-8 (PMID: 21227420)
  • Association of genetic variation with systolic and diastolic blood pressure among African Americans: the Candidate Gene Association Resource study. Fox, E. R. et al. Human Molecular Genetics, 20, 2273-2284., 2012 (PMID: 21378095)
  • Association of CRP and IL-6 with lung function in a middle-aged population initially free from self-reported respiratory problems: the Whitehall II study. Gimeno D, Delclos GL, Ferrie JE, De Vogli R, Elovainio M, Marmot MG, Kivimäki M. Eur J Epidemiol. 2011 Feb; 26(2):135-44 (PMID: 21293970)
  • Anti-depressant medication use and C-reactive protein: results from two population-based studies. Hamer, M., Batty, G. D., Marmot, M. G., Singh-Manoux, A. & Kivimäki, M.  Brain Behav Immun. 2011 Jan; 25(1):168-73 (PMID: 20863880)
  • The effect of housing on the mental health of older people: the impact of lifetime housing history in Whitehall II. Howden-Chapman PL, Chandola T, Stafford M, Marmot M.  BMC Public Health. 2011 Sep 2; 11:682 (PMID: 21884619)
  • Associations of common genetic variants with age-related changes in fasting and postload glucose: evidence from 18 years of follow-up of the Whitehall II cohort. Jensen AC, Barker A, Kumari M, Brunner EJ, Kivimäki M, Hingorani AD, Wareham NJ, Tabák AG, Witte DR, Langenberg C.  Diabetes. 2011 May; 60(5):1617-23 (PMID: 21441441)
  • Natural course of recurrent psychological distress in adulthood. Jokela M, Singh-Manoux A, Shipley MJ, Ferrie JE, Gimeno D, Akbaraly TN, Head J, Elovainio M, Marmot MG, Kivimäki M.  J Affect Disord. 2011 May; 130(3):454-61 (PMID: 21106248)
  • New blood pressure loci identified using a gene-centric array. Johnson, T. et al  American Journal of Human Genetics, 89, 688-700., 2012 (PMID: 22100073)
  • Predictive utility of the Framingham general cardiovascular disease risk profile for cognitive function: evidence from the Whitehall II study. Kaffashian S, Dugravot A, Nabi H, Batty GD, Brunner E, Kivimäki M, Singh-Manoux A. Eur Heart J. 2011 Sep; 32(18):2326-32  (PMID: 21606085)
  • Genetic variation near IRS1 associates with reduced adiposity and an impaired metabolic profile. Kilpeläinen, T. O. et al. (>100 authors including Kivimäki, M.)  Nature Genetics, 43, 753-760, 2012 (PMID: 21706003)
  • Antidepressant medication use and risk of hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus-a noncausal association? Kivimäki M, Batty GD, Jokela M, Ebmeier KP, Vahtera J, Virtanen M, Brunner EJ, Tabak AG, Witte DR, Kumari M, Singh-Manoux A, Hamer M.  Biol Psychiatry. 2011 Nov 15; 70(10):978-84 (PMID: 21872216)
  • Examining overweight and obesity as risk factors for common mental disorders using fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) genotype-instrumented analysis: The Whitehall II Study, 1985-2004. Kivimäki M, Jokela M, Hamer M, Geddes J, Ebmeier K, Kumari M, Singh-Manoux A, Hingorani A, Batty GD.   Am J Epidemiol. 2011 Feb 15; 173(4):421-9 (PMID: 21248310)
  • Does adding information on job strain improve risk prediction for coronary heart disease beyond the standard Framingham risk score? Kivimäki M, Nyberg ST, Batty GD, Shipley MJ, Ferrie JE, Virtanen M, Marmot MG, Vahtera J, Singh-Manoux A, Hamer M.  The Whitehall II study.  Int J Epidemiol. 2011 Dec; 40(6):1577-84 (PMID: 21558169)
  • Using additional information on working hours to predict coronary heart disease: a cohort study. Kivimäki, M., Batty, G. D., Hamer, M., Ferrie, J. E., Vahtera, J., Virtanen, M., Marmot, M. G., Singh-Manoux, A., Shipley, M. J.  Ann Intern Med. 2011 Apr 5; 154(7):457-63 (PMID: 21464347)
  • Shift work as a risk factor for future type 2 diabetes: Evidence, mechanisms, implications, and future research directions. Kivimäki, M., Batty, G. D., Hublin, C.   PLoS Medicine, 8, e1001138, 2012 (PMID: 22162952)
  • Negative aspects of close relationships as a predictor of increased body mass index and waist circumference: the Whitehall II study. Kouvonen A, Stafford M, De Vogli R, Shipley MJ, Marmot MG, Cox T, Vahtera J, Väänänen A, Heponiemi T, Singh-Manoux A, Kivimäki M.  Am J Public Health. 2011 Aug; 101(8):1474-80 (PMID: 21680928)
  • Association of diurnal patterns in salivary cortisol with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: findings from the Whitehall II study. Kumari M, Shipley M, Stafford M, Kivimaki M.  J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2011 May; 96(5):1478-85 (PMID:21346074)
  • Economic difficulties and physical functioning in Finnish and British employees: contribution of social and behavioural factors. Laaksonen E, Lallukka T, Lahelma E, Ferrie JE, Rahkonen O, Head J, Marmot MG, Martikainen P. Eur J Public Health. 2011 Aug; 21(4):456-62 (PMID: 20616102)
  • Meta-analysis of Dense Genecentric Association Studies Reveals Common and Uncommon Variants Associated with Height. Lanktree MB, Guo Y, Murtaza [...], M. Kumari on behalf of the Whitehall II Study and the WHII 50K Group [...],Keating BJ.  Am J Hum Genet. 2011 Jan 7; 88(1):6-18 (PMID: 21194676)
  • Risk factors for colonic and rectal cancer mortality: evidence from 40 years' follow-up in the Whitehall I study. Morrison, D. S., Batty, G. D., Kivimäki, M., Davey Smith, G., Marmot, M., Shipley M.   Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 65, 1053-1058, 2012 (PMID: 21389009)
  • Trajectories of depressive episodes and hypertension over 24 years: the Whitehall II prospective cohort study. Nabi H, Chastang JF, Lefèvre T, Dugravot A, Melchior M, Marmot MG, Shipley MJ, Kivimäki M, Singh-Manoux A.  Hypertension. 2011 Apr; 57(4):710-6 (PMID: 21339474)
  • Combined effects of depressive symptoms and resting heart rate on mortality: the Whitehall II prospective cohort study. Nabi H, Kivimäki M, Empana JP, Sabia S, Britton A, Marmot MG, Shipley MJ, Singh-Manoux A. J Clin Psychiatry. 2011 Sep; 72(9):1199-206 (PMID: 21208592)
  • SERPINA1 11478G→A variant, serum α1-antitrypsin, exacerbation frequency and FEV1 decline in COPD. Quint JK, Donaldson GC, Kumari M, Talmud PJ, Hurst JR.  Thorax. 2011 May; 66(5):418-24 (PMID: 21335450)
  • Birthweight and mortality in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Risnes KR, Vatten LJ, Baker JL, Jameson K, Sovio U, Kajantie E, Osler M, Morley R, Jokela M, Painter RC, Sundh V, Jacobsen GW, Eriksson JG, Sørensen TI, Bracken MB. Int J Epidemiol. 2011 Jun; 40(3):647-61. (21324938)
  • Does retirement influence cognitive performance? The Whitehall II Study. Roberts BA, Fuhrer R, Marmot M, Richards M. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2011 Nov; 65(11):958-63 (PMID: 20940172)
  • Association of lung function with physical, mental and cognitive function in early old age. Singh-Manoux A, Dugravot A, Kauffmann F, Elbaz A, Ankri J, Nabi H, Kivimaki M, Sabia S.  Age (Dordr). 2011 Sep; 33(3):385-92 (PMID: 20878489)
  • Does cognitive reserve shape cognitive decline? Singh-Manoux A, Marmot MG, Glymour M, Sabia S, Kivimäki M, Dugravot A.  Ann Neurol. 2011 Aug; 70(2):296-304 (PMID: 21563209)
  • Genome-wide association analysis identifies variants associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease that have distinct effects on metabolic traits. Speliotes, E. K. et al.  PLoS Genetics, 7, e1001324, 2012 (PMID: 21423719)
  • Impact of common mental disorders on sickness absence in an occupational cohort study. Stansfeld SA, Fuhrer R, Head J.  Occup Environ Med. 2011 Jun; 68(6):408-13 (PMID: 21075767)
  • Educational attainment but not measures of current socioeconomic circumstances are associated with leukocyte telomere length in healthy older men and women. Steptoe A, Hamer M, Butcher L, Lin J, Brydon L, Kivimäki M, Marmot M, Blackburn E, Erusalimsky JD.  Brain Behav Immun. 2011 Oct; 25(7):1292-8 (PMID: 21536122)
  • Psychosocial biomarker research: integrating social, emotional and economic factors into population studies of aging and health. Steptoe A.  Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. 2011 Apr; 6(2):226-33 (PMID: 20360352)
  • Health behaviours, socioeconomic status, and mortality: further analyses of the British Whitehall II and the French GAZEL prospective cohorts. Stringhini S, Dugravot A, Shipley M, Goldberg M, Zins M, Kivimaki M, Marmot M, Sabia S, Singh-Manoux A.   PLoS Med. 2011 Feb; 8(2):e1000419 (PMID: 21364974)
  • Do different measures of early life socioeconomic circumstances predict adult mortality? Evidence from the British Whitehall II and French GAZEL studies. Stringhini S, Dugravot A, Kivimaki M, Shipley M, Zins M, Goldberg M, Ferrie JE, Singh-Manoux A.  J Epidemiol Community Health 65(12):1097-103, 2012 (PMID: 20675701)
  • Variants of ADRA2A are associated with fasting glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and type 2 diabetes risk: meta-analysis of four prospective studies. Talmud PJ, Cooper JA, Gaunt T, Holmes MV, Shah S, Palmen J, Drenos F, Shah T, Kumari M, Kivimaki M, Whittaker J, Lawlor DA, Day IN, Hingorani AD, Casas JP, Humphries SE.  Diabetologia. 2011 Jul; 54(7):1710-9 (PMID: 21455730)
  • A gene-centric association scan for Coagulation Factor VII levels in European and African Americans: the Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe) Consortium. Taylor KC,  […], Kumari M, Hingorani A,  […], Kivimaki M,  […],Reiner AP.  Hum Mol Genet. 2011 Sep 1; 20(17):3525-34 (PMID: 21676895)
  • Genetics of cortisol secretion and depressive symptoms: a candidate gene and genome wide association approach. Velders FP, Kuningas M, Kumari M, […], Kivimaki M, […],Tiemeier H.  Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2011 Aug; 36(7):1053-61 (PMID: 21316860)
  • Patients with infectious diseases, overcrowding, and health in hospital staff. Virtanen M, Terho K, Oksanen T, Kurvinen T, Pentti J, Routamaa M, Vartti AM, Peltonen R, Vahtera J, Kivimäki M.  Arch Intern Med. 2011 Jul 25; 171(14):1296-8. (PMID: 21788550)
  • Long working hours and symptoms of anxiety and depression: a 5-year follow-up of the Whitehall II study. Virtanen, M., Ferrie, J. E., Singh-Manoux, A., Shipley, M. J., Stansfeld, S. A., Marmot, M. G., Ahola, K., Vahtera, J. & Kivimäki, M.  Psychol Med. 2011 Feb 18:1-10 (PMID: 21329557)
  • A genome-wide association study of aging. Walter S, [...] Kumari M, [...] Kivimäki M, [...] Tiemeier H, Franceschini N.  Neurobiology of Aging, 32, e15-28., 2012 (PMID: 21782286)
  • Life course trajectories of systolic blood pressure using longitudinal data from eight UK cohorts. Wills, A. K., Lawlor, D. A., Matthews, F., Sayer, A. A., Bakra, E., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Benzeval, M., Brunner, E., Cooper, R., Kivimäki, M., Kuh, D., Muniz-Terrera, G., Hardy, R.  PLoS Medicine, 8, e1000440, 2012 (PMID: 21695075)
  • Genetic variants associated with Von Willebrand factor levels in healthy men and women identified using the HumanCVD BeadChip. Zabaneh D, [...],, Kumari M, [...], Marmot MG, [...],, Kivimaki M, [...], Humphries SE. Ann Hum Genet. 2011 Jul; 75(4):456-67 (PMID: 21534939)
  • Meta analysis of candidate gene variants outside the LPA locus with Lp(a) plasma levels in 14,500 participants of six White European cohorts. Zabaneh D, Kumari M,   […], Kivimaki M, Whittaker J, Hingorani AD, Humphries SE.Atherosclerosis. 2011 Aug; 217(2):447-51 (PMID: 21592478)
  • Incidence and prognosis of angina pectoris in South Asians and Whites:18 years of follow-up over seven phases in the Whitehall-II prospective cohort study. Zaman MJ, Shipley MJ, Stafford M, Brunner EJ, Timmis AD, Marmot MG, Hemingway H. J Public Health (Oxf). 2011 Sep; 33(3):430-8 (PMID: 21045007)
  • The Lin28/let-7 axis regulates glucose metabolism. Zhu, H. et al. Cell, 147, 81-94, 2012 (PMID: 21962509)

Consortium papers

  • Association between C reactive protein and coronary heart disease: mendelian randomisation analysis based on individual participant data. British Medical Journal, 2011,342:d548 (PMID: 21325005)
  • Genetic variants in novel pathways influence blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk. International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies, Ehret, G. et al. (>100 authors including Kivimäki, M.) Nature, 478, 103-109, 2012 (PMID: 21909115)