FaMIVE: Failure Mechanisms Identification and Vulnerability Evaluation

The FaMIVE Procedure is a macro-element modelling approach which allows to assess the seismic vulnerability of large population of historic masonry structures, producing capacity curves (D’Ayala, 2005) and fragility functions (D’Ayala, 2013), based on ultimate lateral strength capacity and elastic and ultimate displacement. The FaMIVE Procedure is one of the very few available analytical methods that comprehensively accounts for all possible in plane (IP), out-of-plane (OOP), and combined (COM) failure mechanisms. 

From its first edition in 2003 (D’Ayala, D., Speranza, E., 2003) the FaMIVE Procedure has been widely applied across the globe to several case studies (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Algiers, Iran, Jordan, Nepal, The Philippines, Chile) each application contributing to the addition of new parameters that affect masonry buildings vulnerability or resilience. The method has the flexibility to modify the computing routines to include specific characteristics of the building stock considered which affect the mechanisms that might develop, allowing the procedure to be flexible and to accommodate the needs of the case study investigated. 

To date, there are two different versions of the Procedure available for use, namely the FaMIVE_Res, specifically developed to assess the seismic vulnerability of residential building stocks, and the FaMIVE_Heritage, which instead focused on churches, convents, towers, and historic large houses. For the former, FaMIVE_Res, below you can download FaMIVE Shell, an interface that allows you to prepare the data for each facade, check it and save it in a text file or Excel file. A full set of data of several facades can be prepared and then sent to us. We will run FaMIVE for you and return the results.

To read more on the latest application of the FaMIVE Procedure, please refer to Putrino, V., & D’Ayala, D, 2019; Putrino, V., & D'ayala, D., 2019b; and, Guardiola et al. 2023.

To request full access to the FaMIVE procedure to conduct seismic fragility and vulnerability assessment of masonry structures please contact us at CEGE.Famive@ucl.ac.uk

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