Vulnerability of Cities & Infrastructure to Natural Hazards

Cities are composed of complex and interdependent social and physical infrastructure systems, which can be affected by natural hazards in several ways. Within EPICentre we are undertaking research to:

  1. Shed new light on natural hazard characteristics and how they are modified by their interaction with the built environment;
  2. Better characterise the response of individual infrastructure systems to single and multiple hazards;
  3. Study the change in vulnerability that occurs in cities when exposure changes (e.g. with urban development);
  4. Investigate how interdependency of infrastructure systems affect the vulnerability of cities to natural hazards, and their ability to respond to these events;
  5. Understand the effectiveness of large scale mitigation interventions on city vulnerability to natural hazards;

This works spans a number of different main and triggered hazards, and we are expanding our research portfolio to look at how people act within a city in the event of natural hazards and the role of hazard forecasts. 

EPICentre projects in this field