Sarah Esper

PhD Student
Email: sarah.esper.12@ucl.ac.uk


Sarah joined the EPICentre Research Team at UCL as a doctoral student in September 2020, after having gained a few years' experience in the civil engineering industry as a Geotechnical Engineer.

After obtaining an MEng degree in Civil Engineering from University College London, she then completed a Master's degree at Imperial College London in Geotechnics and Engineering Seismology.

Her research focuses on the development of vulnerability functions for Tropical Cyclones. The region of interest is Latin America and the Caribbean, where common building typologies of low-engineered construction are investigated, and their vulnerability quantified pre-/post-retrofitting/reconstruction, to evaluate the increase in building resilience achieved through these solutions. The research is based on both real damage data, and analytical/numerical approaches, supported by rigorous statistical methodologies.