Enrica Verrucci


Name    Enrica Verrucci

             PhD student

Email    e.verrucci@ucl.ac.uk

Area of Research / Academic Interests

My research focuses on natural disaster resilience. The study aims to develop a comprehensive and transferable methodology to understand how urban communities can evaluate and enhance their local resilience to earthquakes.

In recent years, resilience has become a fashionable word. However the lack of consensus on what contributes to resilience hinders the development of a methodology to evaluate the resilience of community to natural hazards. By highlighting historical and multi-disciplinary roots, my research unpacks the modern concept of resilience in macro-topics (e.g. development and planning, physical resistance, redundancy of services, etc.). From the analysis of each macro-topic, a set of candidate indicators of seismic resilience at community level is proposed. 

Keywords / Tags

Resilience, Indicators, Earthquake, Urban risk assessment