British Academy on Cities and InfrastructureProgramme

23 January 2019

Yesterday the British Academy released a video about their Cities and Infrastructure programme, which is funding EPICentre research on people's self recovery after disasters.

british The video features an interview with Prof. John Twigg, PI on the project, which involves investigators from the Overseas Development Institute, British Geological Survey, CARE International, Loughborough University and of course UCL EPICentre.

The Philippines and Nepal are two countries largely affected by severe natural disasters. Building collapse is a major cause of injury, trauma and death, with over five million homes worldwide destroyed or damaged each year on average. Housing reconstruction is central to family and community recovery from disasters, as well as presenting an opportunity to 'build back better' and ensure homes are more resilient than before. This research seeks to understand the factors that affect households' recovery and reconstruction decision-making. Find out more about the project here: https://goo.gl/54EPjS

The project is funded through the Cities & Infrastructure Programme, run by the British Academy on behalf of all UK national academies with support from the Global Challenges Research Fund. Find out more about the programme here: https://goo.gl/EPuUNE

You can see the entire video (13.57) at https://youtu.be/1VuitJkm4Kg and the self-recovery extract (1:10) at https://youtu.be/7DmVcbkBjec