EEFIT report Research Award 2017

10 September 2018

The seismic swarm that affected Central Italy between August 2016 and January 2017 involved several municipalities including the historic town of Norcia, seat of a medieval Benedictine complex.

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Owing to the close vicinity to the Apennine ridge, Norcia has been exposed to several historic seismic events, which have influenced the promulgation of early seismic provisions for strengthening and retrofitting interventions.

Although the masonry buildings of Norcia, seemed to have withstood the August 2016 event, two further strong shocks in October 2016 caused collapses and widespread damage, challenging the effectiveness of the strengthening provisions implemented at urban scale over the past two centuries.

The purpose of the Report "Cumulative Damage Assessment and strengthening efficacy of masonry buildings in Norcia affected by the 2016 seismic events in Central Italy" , following the 2017 EEFIT Research Award, is to discuss the dynamics of the evolution of damage to the residential buildings within the city walls during the six-months seismic swarm and to evaluate the pre and post- hoc building damage conditions and the efficacy of the strengthening measures implemented in Norcia's historic urban fabric over time.