EPICentre members give invited talks at ETH Zurich

17 January 2018

Dr Carmine Galasso and EPICentre PhD students Chen Huang and Deyu Ming have given three talks at the 'NatCat and Earthquake Modelling Workshop' (

chen ETH Zurich math.ethz.ch/~wueth/Talks/workshop.html" target="_blank">https://people.math.ethz.ch/~wueth/Talks/workshop.html)  at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, on November 24, 2017. The workshop also included talks by representatives of Scor Reinsurance, Lloyd's, and Swiss Re.

Carmine's talk has discussed 'Recent advances and perspectives in CAT risk engineering for earthquake and wind', including 1) the use of physics-based simulated ground motion for seismic risk modelling; 2) the development of a real-time CAT modelling framework for designing engineering applications of earthquake early warning; 3) the development of tools for modelling risk to offshore wind energy assets. The talk has finally introduced and discussed some perspectives in CAT modelling for cascading and multiple hazards at different spatial scales (from a single asset to portfolio of buildings), with special focus on developing countries. 

Chen and Deyu have presented their recent research work on advanced estimation methods for ground motion models with spatial correlation. Their talks have also highlighted the role of spatial correlation in seismic risk assessment.

Deyu ETH Zurich