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Maldives Building Regulatory Capacity Assessment – First Workshop

4 March 2019

Prof. Tiziana Rossetto is in the Maldives with Urban Planning & Governance experts Fathimath Rasheed and Aishath Abdulla. Together they have organised a workshop facilitating discourse and consultations with local stakeholders to determine their aspirations for an improved system of Building Regulations and identify barriers and opportunities for their implementation. The workshop has been a great success, with engagement from several government departments, professional associations and practitioners. Output from the workshop will help to determine the current state of national level legislation and institutions, building code development and land use regulation, and local implementation and enforcement.

Local stakeholder attendees were split into small groups to share their experiences of existing infrastructure guidelines and legislation

This workshop is part of an ongoing project, funded by World Bank, to develop tailored recommendations for building regulation improvement. It also promotes the co-design of a prioritization scheme for these recommendations, in order to capture local aspirations, capacity building needs, local design and construction practices, and available resources, amongst others.

 One of many local stakeholders presenting the results of their group discussion.