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EEFIT Management Committee

30 April 2018

PhD Candidate Valentina Putrino has been elected as one of the five new entries to the EEFIT Management Committee. The mandate will last 3 years.

EEFIT is a UK based group of earthquake engineers, architects and scientists who seek to collaborate with colleagues in earthquake prone countries in the task of improving the seismic resistance of both traditional and engineers structures.

After the 24th of August 2016 Amatrice earthquake, Valentina took part to the last Central Italy EEFIT mission, being actively involved in the organisation and the logistics to facilitate the team deployment on site. As team member of the group focused on structural damage to residential and historic masonry buildings and infrastructures, she had the chance to enrich her research and academic interests with the invaluable insights of the real site investigation.

After the completion of the mission, she also won the 2017 EEFIT Research Grant Scheme to investigate the extent of new damage to the historic residential building stock in Norcia, caused by the late October 2016 seismic events which struck the city and surrounding areas.