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Tsunami TEDx Talk

Start: Dec 01, 2014 12:00 AM
End: Jan 01, 2050 12:00 AM

Location: TEDx Brussels

Since 2004, CEGE's Professor Tiziana Rossetto has been researching the effects of tsunamis on coastal infrastructure. Now, Professor Rossetto will be presenting her research to the public at the TEDx Brussels event on Monday 1st December alongside other European Research Council (ERC) grantees.

Her ERC-funded research looks at the damage caused by the impact of tsunamis on buildings by modelling the force that hits buildings during a tsunami, and studying how they react to learn more about how we can mitigate these forces. The overall aim is to improve sea defence systems, rather than the buildings themselves, as it is more likely that these coastal defence systems can be constructed and maintained in the areas of the world that are affected by tsunamis, which tend to be developing nations.

The research has also led to the building of a new type of pneumatic tsunami generator, a 70m long and 4m wide flume built at HR Wallingford in the UK, the world's only facility able to model trough-led tsunami waves. Follow along with Professor Rossetto's TEDx Brussels talk on Monday 1st December on Twitter with the hashtags #ERC and #TEDxBrussels. The combination of real-life threat and hi-tech solutions presented in her talk will provide a gripping narrative.

Keep an eye out for an update from Professor Rossetto's TEDx Brussels talk, which will be made available on YouTube for those of us not lucky enough to be in Brussels on 1st December. 

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