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Research Reports

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"Towards a generic framework for the abstraction and utilisation of water in England and Wales" Visiting Fellowship Report 2012
Prof Mike Young

Urban Metabolism at UCL: A Literature Review

Urban Metabolism at UCL: A Working Paper

UCL Residency Report: Performance Piece on Climate Models

Framing the Climate Change Debate

ZC2 – The 2010 RICS Global Zero
Carbon Capacity Index..download here

Energy & our Built Environments Report

Sustainability in the Sport Sector

Heritage & Climate Change Report

ZC2 RICS Global Zero Carbon Capacity Index: Final Report (2011)

Marine Protected Area Governance Report
by Peter Jones (UCL Geography)

The development of Waste Management Infrastructure in England: Public Governance not Personal Guilt

Megalopolis and Sustainability: The UCL Environment Institute Seminar Series Report

Travel Related Carbon Footprint: a case study using the UCL Environment Institute

ZC2 RICS Global Zero Carbon Capacity Index: Final Report (2010)

Climate Change: The Risks for Property in the UK

Thames Basin Vulnerability Report: Summary

Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report - Issue 13

Are we on target? Audit of UK Greenhouse Gas emissions to 2020: will current Government policies achieve significant reductions?


Click on each link below for information on how to obtain these books:

Governing for Sustainable Development (Yvonne Rydin)

Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction (Mark Maslin)

Data Soliloquies (Richard Hamblyn and Martin John Callanan)

Extraordinary Clouds: skies of the unexpected from the beautiful to the bizarre (Richard Hamblyn)