Portico in spring

The UCL Environment Institute is changing..

We are currently in the process of establishing the UCL Environment Domain which will not only build on the successful endeavours of the UCL Environment Institute but also seek to focus on increasing our research income and policy impact.

However, it should be highlighted that the UCL Environment Domain encompasses far more than just Teaching and Research. The creation of the Environment and Sustainability Office highlights the need for UCL to consider environmental issues beyond its academic provision and the UCL Environment Domain will reflect this through the development of a web portal (to be launched in January 2014).

The UCL Environment Domain will be encompass 3 key areas:

  • Research & Policy Impact
  • Teaching
  • Campus & Community


Until the launch of the portal, this site will provide information on the Research & Policy Impact areas of the Domain.

The world is facing complex environmental problems that endanger or well-being, security and future. Environmental complexities produce wicked problems.  The problems are defined as wicked due to their resistance to straightforward solutions. Complex problems require complex solutions and cross-disciplinary approaches lie at their heart. The UCL Environment Research will play a central role in integrating different activities across all faculties to help generate wisdom in environmental research and thus endeavour to contribute to the policy impact of the knowledge produced by UCL researchers.

UCL Environment Research aims to:

  • build a picture through extensive data collection of all environment research activity, funding streams and policy impact;
  • act as a promoter of existing work, both internally and externally;
  • be a facilitator for further research;
  • engage with policy makers, industry partner funders, and other HE institutions
  • and bridge gaps, both in communication strata as well as in research activity and funding.