Innovation & Enterprise


Hackathons and idea jams

Get together with a group of people and use your talent to solve a real-world problem.

A hackathon or idea jam is an event where problems and challenges are solved innovatively, using data and technology or ideas.

Events run from one to three days and are a perfect peer-learning environment, fostering new ideas and connections. 

We start by identifying a challenge or theme and build the event around it. 

What to expect

At a hackathon or idea jam you'll: 

  • tackle real-life social, environmental, educational or research problems
  • work in interdisciplinary teams to create sustainable solutions 
  • learn how to think entrepreneurially - generate ideas, build or design a way to test these ideas 
  • make new connections and expand your network 

Got an idea for a hackathon?

If you’ve got a challenge and would like to collaborate with us to set up a hack, email us at entrepreneurship@ucl.ac.uk

Whether you’re part of UCL or an external organisation or business, we’d like to hear from you.