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Commercialise your expertise

We can help UCL staff who want to protect and commercialise the results of their research.

Our wholly owned subsidiaries UCL Consultants (UCLC) and UCL Business (UCLB) help UCL staff to commercialise their expertise through:

  • delivering external consultancy work
  • protecting or licensing their IP
  • creating spinout businesses

Note: you may be able to access funding to help commercialise your research.

UCL Consultants (UCLC)

UCLC is a leading provider of academic consultancy services. They draw on world-class expertise from over 6,500 academic and research staff at UCL to help solve the many challenges faced by society and business today.

UCLC helps UCL staff find, develop and deliver external consultancy work. Find out more on the UCLC website.

Contact UCLC

Tel: 020 7679 9796

UCL Business (UCLB)

UCLB is responsible for technology development and commercialisation transactions for UCL. Offering world-class expertise in areas from life sciences to engineering, and from the arts to the built environment, they work to make commercial connections between the expertise and innovations of UCL’s academics and the needs of industry and the wider marketplace.

UCLB helps UCL researchers investigate the potential of commercialisation of their work. Find out more on the UCLB website.

Contact UCLB

Email: info@uclb.com
Tel: 020 7679 9000