Innovation & Enterprise


Start-up funding

Secure funding and get support to start or develop your own new enterprise.

If you’re a student at UCL, a recent graduate or a member of staff, you may be able to get help starting or funding your new enterprise.

UCL Innovation & Enterprise works with other UCL departments and external partners to coordinate events like hackathons and idea jams, along with start-up competitions and training for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur challenges

Entrepreneur challenges work as a launch pad for innovative new enterprises from UCL students and staff.

Secure funding and get help to start or develop your own new enterprise.

Hackathons and idea jams

Hackathons and idea jams help businesses and organisations to generate and evolve ideas around their business or real-life issue. Take part in a hackathon or idea jam to develop your business idea and win cash prizes of up to £4,000.

Skills and training for entrepreneurs

In addition to funding, you can also get support in the form of skills and training.

Programmes and courses for entrepreneurs include:

Other start-up competitions (non UCL)

Entering entrepreneurship competitions can be a great way to get feedback, visibility and money for your start-up idea.