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EPSRC IAA 2017–20: Discovery-to-use funding

Find out about UCL’s EPSRC IAA (Impact Acceleration Accounts) 'discovery-to-use' funding for engineering and the physical sciences, and how to apply for it.

Call for proposals - spring/summer 2018

£10,000 to £100,000 of funding is available for 3 to 18 months’ duration.

OpenCloseEarliest startSubmission subject line
23 February 201818 March 20181 May 2018KEI2018-01 EPSRC IAA D2U Application – PI_Full_Name
26 March 201829 April 20185 June 2018KEI2018-02 EPSRC IAA D2U Application – PI_Full_Name
7 May 201810 June 20181 August 2018KEI2018-03 EPSRC IAA D2U Application – PI_Full_Name

There will be further calls for proposals throughout 2018.

Please note: application forms and guidance notes have been updated. Make sure you use the latest versions below.


The aim of this funding is to progress UCL research discoveries in engineering and the physical sciences at the pre-commercialisation stage towards 'real-world' use and benefit. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact to all partners and should preferably attract a contribution from the external partner.

The call for proposals is open to applicants from all UCL academic and professional service departments. Applications are encouraged from all subject disciplines with a link to the EPSRC portfolio.

Proposal criteria

Applicants should read the guidance for more details before applying.

Your proposal should meet the following criteria:

  • Projects should have a clear knowledge exchange focus
  • Projects must demonstrate links to previous/current EPSRC funding and the EPSRC portfolio (the Principal Investigator (PI) will need to provide relevant EPSRC research grant numbers)
  • With some exceptions, a minimum partner contribution equivalent to one third of the total EPSRC funding requested is expected and projects will be prioritised where match funding is provided by the project partner
  • Project partners must have a UK presence
  • Funds available: from £10,000 to £100,000 for 3 to 18 months’ duration
  • All direct costs, including PI time and other directly allocated costs, can be covered. The following are not eligible for IAA funding: estates and indirect costs, costs associated with the protection of intellectual property and the purchase of items of equipment with an individual value of more than £10,000
  • Applicants must have support and written approval from their Head of Department before applying

Conditions of funding

Funds are managed by UCL Innovation and Enterprise. Changes to personnel and project parameters should be communicated to UCL Innovation and Enterprise to ensure that appropriate updates are made.

If your application is successful, you'll be required to take part in the monitoring and reporting processes associated with the scheme and the development of case studies.

Where appropriate, you must also engage with UCLB (UCL Business) and the Research Contracts Office to ensure UCL’s intellectual property (IP) is protected and its value maximised.

After award of the grant a contract approved by the UCL Research Contracts team will be required in order for the funds to be released. Funds will be dispensed using the usual UCL financial regulations and systems.

All successful applicants will be issued with an award letter from the Vice-Provost (Enterprise and London), which will provide details of the sum awarded, any specific conditions associated with the project (usually set by reviewers or the Innovation and Enterprise Funding Committee), and the project’s unique reference number. Projects will then be assigned a dedicated departmental MyFinance project code.

As the Vice-Provost (Enterprise and London) is the Principal Investigator of UCL’s IAAs, any changes (e.g. budget virements, extension requests etc) to funded projects must be authorised by UCL Innovation and Enterprise. Note that approved changes will only be progressed by a member of the Research Services team upon instruction from UCL Innovation and Enterprise.

Awardees will be required to acknowledge EPSRC support in any published outcomes associated with the award.

Project activities must be completed within the approved timeframe of their proposal.

Funds must be spent within the terms and conditions of the IAA, meaning any unaccounted costs or underspends will be reclaimed for re-use within further calls. Overspends and any expenditure outside the remit of the scheme will be the responsibility of the department.

Assessment of proposals

Proposals will be assessed on the strength of the application and its fit with the UCL Innovation and Enterprise Strategic Plan 2016-21 and UCL Strategy 2034.

Awards will be assessed initially by UCL Innovation and Enterprise staff. Any applications exceeding a threshold of £15,000 will be reviewed by at least three members of the UCL community and the Innovation and Enterprise Funding Committee, who'll make recommendations to the Vice-Provost (Enterprise and London). The decision to award, suggest resubmission, or to decline will then rest with the Vice-Provost.

Committee meetings will normally take place 4 to 5 weeks after the closing date, just prior to the earliest start date of the award. The applicant(s) will be notified of the decision and any further steps to be taken within three working days following the committee meeting.

How to apply / forms

Read all the information about the funding call on this page, as well as the guidance, before completing your application.

Send your completed application form and required documentation to knowledge.exchange@ucl.ac.uk. Please use the corresponding submission subject line as your email subject heading.

Only complete applications submitted by the funding call closing dates will be considered for funding.

Please note: Incomplete application forms will not be processed. Please ensure you have read the guidance notes and completed all sections prior to submission.


For further information and guidance please contact: knowledge.exchange@ucl.ac.uk