Innovation & Enterprise


Access funding

Find out what types of funding are available, how to apply for funding, and who to contact for advice.

UCL Innovation & Enterprise receives funding from various sources to promote knowledge exchange and innovation and facilitate engagement between our academics and the wider world. This funding allows academics at various stages of their careers to speed up and advance the impact of their research, e.g. through pre-commercialisation, knowledge exchange or secondments.

A wide range of activities, courses and start-up funding is also available to help students who want to set up their own business (as well as student societies with an entrepreneurial focus).

Knowledge exchange and innovation - funding opportunities

Find out about current funding opportunities, and how we work to promote knowledge exchange and support collaboration and engagement between UCL academics and the wider world.

Start-up funding

Secure funding and get support to start or develop your own new enterprise. (Includes challenges/competitions, hackathons and idea jams.)

Student society funding

Find out about the student societies at UCL which can help students get their entrepreneurial plans off the ground.