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Entrepreneurship training for PhD students

Gain entrepreneurial skills and explore ways of using your research to develop a career outside of traditional academic pathways with the Santander PhD Entrepreneurship Opportunity (SPERO) programme.

This series of training courses will help you think like an entrepreneur and develop skills such as spotting opportunities, maximising resources, generating ideas and improving personal effectiveness. You can also learn how to set up your own business.

The SPERO programme is aimed at PhD students and is divided into three steps - Discover, Applied and Advanced. You can attend all three or just sign up for the one most appropriate to you. 

You’ll receive two training points for each day you attend. (For courses which last more than a day, you'll need to attend all days in order to receive the training points).

The SPERO programme is co-funded by Santander Bank and the Engineering and Physical Research Council's (EPSRC) Impact Acceleration Account 2017 to 2020. It's delivered in partnership with the Doctoral Skills Development Team.

SPERO Discover: Entrepreneurial skills for PhD students

This one-day workshop will help you develop your entrepreneurial thinking and start to recognise and use your entrepreneurial skills.

By the end of the workshop you’ll be better able to develop ideas that create value and make a difference to others. You’ll also be able to identify stakeholders who can help you move an idea forward and set goals to progress your enterprising activity.

Each workshop focuses on a particular field of study or faculty/department.

If you'd like to discuss arranging a SPERO Discover workshop for PhD students in your faculty/department, please contact Janette Junghaus at j.junghaus@ucl.ac.uk

Dates to be confirmed.

SPERO Applied: Entrepreneurship essentials for PhD students

This three-day workshop is for PhD students who are curious about entrepreneurship and have little-to-no previous business experience.

The workshop delves deeper into business language and entrepreneurial thinking. You’ll learn about key concepts for early-stage enterprise creation, including ideation, prototyping, testing, building networks, sales, marketing and raising finance. 

Dates to be confirmed.

SPERO Advanced: Advanced entrepreneurship skills for PhD students

This two-day workshop is for PhD students who are considering starting a business but don’t feel they have enough ‘business acumen’.

This workshop will help you gain the business knowledge and professional skills needed to start your own business. You’ll learn about company administration and financial planning for IP-rich startups and how to have productive conversations with investors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Dates to be confirmed.

UCL Summer innovation challenge for PhD students

This six-week programme will help you turn your ideas into an entrepreneurial reality. You'll develop the first iteration of your product/service and conduct market research with your target customers. You'll be supported by project manager who you'll meet with on a regular basis. You can apply as a team or individual.

2020 dates to be confirmed.

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