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Innovation networks

Learn about innovation networks and how to set one up to share knowledge, build a community, and develop multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Innovation networks are a way to engage with multiple external stakeholders, nurture partnerships and form an interdisciplinary ecosystem.

They usually focus on a particular technological market segment or problem-oriented topic and can involve a broad range of knowledge exchange activities.

Innovation networks can help you build communities of practice to: 

  • share and discuss common industry and technological challenges and opportunities, focusing on ‘market pull’ factors 
  • foster and develop collaboration between industry and UCL 
  • develop readiness and confidence to build joint research-based projects and solutions 
  • provide a forum for knowledge exchange on problem-oriented topics, innovative solutions and thought leadership in a pre-competitive or collaborative environment

Interested in developing a network? Read the following sections for general guidance and information on funding.

Do you need further guidance or have additional questions? Email inetworks@ucl.ac.uk