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Offer consultancy services

Get all the support you need to set up and deliver consulting work or bespoke short courses for organisations.

As a UCL academic, you have the knowledge that can help organisations solve their most pressing problems. We have the people and processes in place to handle all the paperwork, and keep your interests protected.

Support for you and your project

If you’ve been approached about a consultancy you can come to us to get the details sorted. We’ll be the central point of contact for pricing, contracts and other practicalities, leaving you free to focus on the work ahead.

Why do consulting?

Consulting is an effective way of sharing existing knowledge with external organisations. In return you’re likely to find the experience feeds back into your research. 

It could also help you:

  • make the connections that lead to funded research opportunities
  • raise your academic profile and enhance UCL’s reputation
  • generate income for you or your department
  • demonstrate impact for REF assessments

How UCL Consultants can help

UCL Consultants was set up to make it easier for organisations and academic staff to work together.

In recent years we’ve helped deliver over 3,000 projects both in the UK and abroad. 

We can work on your behalf to:

  • scope and price your project 
  • negotiate your fees and the terms of your agreement
  • manage its schedule and delivery
  • keep you protected with professional indemnity and liability insurance

You can view UCL's consultancy policy for more information.

Talk to our advisors

Start the conversation and find out how we can help. Get in touch with our advisors at info@uclconsultants.com or call 020 7679 9796.

Find out more about our services by visiting the staff area of the UCL Consultants website (UCL log-in required).

Learn what’s involved in consultancy, and how UCL Consultants can support you, by attending one of our information sessions.

Consultant profile

Dr Ashley Dhanani
Dr Ashley Dhanani

Ashley is a Research Associate in UCL’s Urban Dynamics Lab, at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

He's provided consultancy on urban mobility to Transport for London, the Greater London Authority and the UK’s Department for Transport.

Read about Ashley's experience of consultancy >

Case study

Audible and UCL team up to find out what happens in people’s brains when they listen to audio books
Audible and UCL: Consulting on the neuroscience of narratives

How engaged are you when you listen to a story on an audiobook? Audible and Dr Joe Devlin (Vice-Dean of Enterprise) worked together to find out.