UCL Innovation and Enterprise



All academic staff may undertake up to 40 days private consultancy work per year. UCL Consultants Ltd (UCLC) is the ‘one-stop shop’ which enables UCL staff to carry out that work.

If you have a consultancy project that you wish to undertake, please contact UCLC before starting. We will be able to take you through the process of doing this.


Consultancy work generally involves providing the following types of service:

  • Short and long-term provision of expertise
  • Advisory Board Attendance
  • Analytical & Testing Services
  • Equipment testing Validation
  • Expert Witness
  • Computer Modelling
  • Biological Safety Advice
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Literature Reviews
  • Training
  • Spatial Analyses
  • Best Practice and Knowledge Transfer


Assignment of Contracts Manager:

Upon contacting UCLC, you will be assigned a Contracts Manager who will take your project forward. With the approval of your HoD, you will register with UCLC by signing an agreement that enables us to enter contracts on your behalf.

Costing / Budget:

We will discuss your project with you, taking into account the costing – fees, staff support, facilities, VAT, UCLC overhead, etc. – to enable you to create a budget for the work. We have guideline daily rates depending on your seniority and experience in your given field. Advice is given on UCL overheads and costing in a foreign currency, where relevant. You will be asked to complete a Budget and Approval Form (BAF) which allows us to allocate the fees once received from the client and to distribute them as you choose. Fees can be taken personally, given to your department, or a mixture of both. The BAF is signed by the Consultant and countersigned by your HoD. UCLC has an arrangement with HMRC so as to allow us to pay fees separately from UCL payroll. (The Consultant is responsible for all tax and National Insurance payments on fees taken personally).

Contractual Arrangements:

UCLC will negotiate with your client to provide contractual cover for the work using either our standard terms and conditions or we will act on your behalf to ensure that those of the client fit with UCL’s internal guidelines and insurance cover. This will be done taking into account all your concerns and requirements in terms of publication, IP (use of results and licensing) and confidentiality. UCLC will negotiate appropriate and effective contract terms particularly relating to warranties, indemnities and liabilities. If subcontractors are involved we will prepare and negotiate the necessary contractual arrangements, flowing down the prime contract as applicable. By working with UCLC you will be provided with full professional indemnity insurance cover.

Financial Arrangements:

Once your contract is agreed, your project will be entered on our financial system and we will carry out all the invoicing for the work and collection of payments from clients.  Fees will be paid to your bank account or by cheque and costs disbursed to departments as required.  UCLC provides a full record-keeping service for all financial transactions relating to the consultancy.

Please contact info@uclconsultants.co.uk or telephone 020 7679 9796.