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Contribute to the development of London

Use your research to help tackle some of the key challenges in London by working with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

If you're a member of UCL staff who wants to broaden the application of your expertise, we can help you put your research into practice in London by engaging with the GLA and the Mayor of London’s strategies.

Key challenges for London

Each Mayor of London is required by law to generate seven strategies for improving life in the capital. Each strategy focuses on a particular facet of urban life:

  • Spatial Development Strategy (called the London Plan)
  • Transport Strategy 
  • Economic Development Strategy 
  • Housing Strategy 
  • Health Inequalities Strategy 
  • Environment Strategy 
  • Culture Strategy 

These strategies are robust expressions of London’s challenges and the proposed solutions to them.

In most cases, the Mayor doesn't deliver these strategies directly but must use his convening power to encourage others to do so on his behalf. So funding for implementing the strategies is devolved and dispersed. This means it’s important to understand not only what the strategy proposes, but how it proposes to do it and with whom. This is where we can help.

How to get involved

There are several ways in which you can contribute towards the strategies:

  • Existing research - through your research you might already have evidence or data that pertains to one of the mayoral proposals
  • Contract research - there may be opportunities to pitch for commissioned research
  • Student projects - your students could work on some of the proposals as part of the assessed course
  • Secondments - it might be possible to arrange a secondment to provide in-house technical advice
  • Funding bids - in partnership with a mayoral partner agency you could bid for funding from UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
  • Consultancy - you could provide expert advice and guidance
  • Knowledge exchange - you could get involved in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to help exchange knowledge and understanding with a mayoral delivery agency
  • Become a champion - if you already have experience of working on mayoral strategies you can become a champion and help other UCL colleagues get started

If you don’t have enough information to decide how your expertise applies, you may be eligible to apply for knowledge exchange funding or other Innovation & Enterprise support, to develop and apply your expertise to the Mayoral strategies.

Strategy summaries

Read our strategy summaries and decide if your research might apply in one or more area.

We’ve created summaries for these strategies:

For each strategy we've created a one-page digest and an abstract of the proposals and policies. We'll be adding further documents including potential sources of funding and priority areas. The London Plan will be added once it has been finalised.

Briefing events

At our briefing events you can learn more about the strategies and how they are being implemented. Dates will be posted here and sent to you if you register to receive updates.

Register your interest

If you register your interest in the relevant strategies, we'll invite you to join the Mayor’s Strategies Microsoft Team, where you can find out about events and developments.

If you want to discuss how your expertise could contribute towards the strategies, or how you could work with the GLA, email mayoral.strategies@ucl.ac.uk