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'Making your way in innovation and enterprise at UCL': information session

Learn about innovation and enterprise or extend your activity with this online information session for UCL staff.

Are you thinking about recruiting partners for upcoming research and innovation projects? Exploring how you might undertake consulting? Or wondering how to apply your research results to help get the UK up and running again after COVID-19?

Our online information session will help you find out about all this and more.

Live, self-paced and accessible formats are all available.

What to expect

The session will cover key aspects of innovation and enterprise activity, including how to:

  • find and recruit external partners or resources (e.g. data, sites or expertise) to create real-world impact from your research
  • build your confidence about intellectual property, consulting, and commercialisation
  • access funding and other support
  • meet the criteria for academic promotion through the ‘enterprise and external engagement’ pathway of UCL’s Academic Career Framework

Who this session is for

This information session is open to all UCL staff members (academics and professional services). It's relevant whether you have some experience with this activity or are just getting started.

The session will look at examples from the arts, science, technology and social sciences.

It’s not suitable for students. Students can attend our entrepreneurship workshops and events. Doctoral students may be particularly interested in our SPERO programme.

Relevant to all disciplines

Innovation and enterprise can suit any discipline and covers a broad spectrum of work.

Some examples might be:

  • creating policy briefings aimed at enhancing areas such as education, energy, or culture
  • deploying new materials that reduce or replace the use of plastics 
  • testing new approaches to curation that support understanding of current and past identities (e.g. for museums, libraries or other collections)
  • developing new drugs to improve the survival rate for people with particular diseases
  • commercialising new technology for medical or industrial purposes
  • contributing to software that improves security of personal data 

Access the session

Session formats: choose between 'live' online or self-paced 

You can either:  

Accessible alternative formats

The session is also available in two other accessible formats:

  • Full plain-text version of the session notes (Word document)
  • Audio version

Access both of these via the accessible versions page (UCL login required). 

Book a place on a live session

The live session takes about one-and-a-half hours. 

We’ll send you supplemental materials afterwards. These include the slides, a text version of the session and an ‘essentials’ document containing key contacts and links. 

Book your place for:

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