Innovation & Enterprise


Industry expert-in-residence funding

You can bring external expertise into UCL and increase the impact of your research with funding from the EPSRC IAA 2017-20.

Who it’s for

You’ll have an expert on board who can make a demonstrable difference to your project or department.

What projects could qualify

Your project must increase the impact of EPSRC research and focus on building engagement with business on a strategic level. This can either be through actively facilitating partnerships or building the skillset needed to enable this.

Your proposal will need to:

  • show how it maximises the impact of EPSRC-funded research
  • outline the relevant skills and experience of the proposed expert
  • show how both partners will share their expertise 
  • make a measurable difference to both, for example by generating a business startup or developing long-term research partnerships

The types of activities you can get funding for include:

  • accelerating innovation and the translation of research
  • building communities of practice
  • improving the way you approach and work with potential industry partners 

What funding is available

You can apply for up to £30,000 for projects ending by 31 March 2020. Your proposed expert (if self-employed) or their employer will need to match the EPSRC IAA 2017-20 funding. 

When to apply and timings

Applications are currently closed.

Applications for amounts up to £15,000 will be considered over the summer from mid-June. You’ll be able to apply for larger amounts from September. Dates will be published here shortly.

If you apply during a funding call, you'll hear back from us around six weeks after the call closes.

If you apply outside a funding call (for amounts up to £15,000) we'll normally let you know the outcome within two weeks. You'll be able to start the project after a further two weeks.

How to apply

We'll shortly be moving to an online system for applications and will no longer use Word forms, although the information required will be the same.

  1. Read our guide (pdf) for advice on completing your application and details on the documents we’ll need to see.
  2. Complete the application form (Word) and the costing spreadsheet (Excel).
  3. Email your application and supporting documents to knowledge.exchange@ucl.ac.uk

If you’d like to discuss your project or the application process, contact us at knowledge.exchange@ucl.ac.uk

After you apply

  1. Your proposal will be assessed by the Knowledge Exchange team to make sure it matches the funding criteria. 
  2. If it does, at least three members of innovation-engaged UCL staff will review it. Your application will be assessed on its suitability for the scheme, feasibility, and potential for impact.
  3. For applications over £15,000, the Innovation & Enterprise Funding Committee will consider the application and make a recommendation to the Vice-Provost (Enterprise) on whether to award or decline. She’ll make the final decision. For applications up to £15,000, the Knowledge Exchange team will make the final decision.

Funding source

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) 2017-20