Vice-Provost's View: Farewell UCL

It has been a great privilege to be Vice-Provost (Enterprise) at UCL and inevitably as I pack my bags to make the long trip from Gordon Street to the Wellcome Trust on Euston Road, I have been reflecting on the last five years. So much has changed and so much has been achieved by UCL.

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Materials Innovation Impact Acceleration Funding (MIIA) supported by EPSRC

This funding supports support knowledge exchange based on existing research in Materials Science funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council towards exploiting the science developed by generating impact in “real-world” use and benefit. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact to all partners and to other users where appropriate

Proposal Criteria

  1. Projects should have a clear knowledge transfer focus.
  2. Any project partners must have a UK-based research presence.
  3. Project must be for work that builds on EPSRC funded research.
  4. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact to all partners.
  5. Maximum funding is £50K which may be enhanced by additional collaboration from partners.
  6. Applicants should seek support and approval from their Head of Department before they apply.

Allowable costs

All direct costs, including PI time and other directly allocated costs can be covered; estates and indirect costs are not covered.

Proposal format

The application form and guidance are available to download. To be accepted, submissions should include the completed application form, written agreement from the partner, as well as a PDF of the pFACT costing submission report, bearing the signature of the Head of Department and departmental administrator. Completed submissions should be emailed to:

Award Conditions

Applicants must engage with UCL Business and the research contracts office to ensure UCL’s IP is protected and its value maximised where appropriate. Funds are dispersed using the usual UCL financial regulations and systems. Funds must be spent within the terms and conditions of the EPSRC meaning any unaccounted costs or under spends will be clawed back for re-use within further calls. Overspends are the responsibility of the department.

The submission deadline is 15th November

Awards may be reviewed in confidence by members of the UCL community. The decision to award, suggest resubmission, or to decline rests with the Enterprise Steering Committee, following which applicants will be notified about any next steps.

Decisions will be communicated in December.