Who is eligible to apply?

In general if you are applying for this type of training, you need to meet UCL entrance criteria and if you need funding, then the funder's criteria applies.

What is UCL entrance criteria?

All applicants need to meet UCL recruitment criteria. Broadly speaking, you need to meet relevant postgraduate qualifications or having equivalent appropriate industrial experience - see the UCL's information for prospective students for more details.

What is the funder's eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for funding/a scholarship on KTA Collaborative Training, the funder (in this case the EPSRC) stipulates:

To receive a full scholarship (which is tuition costs and fees); you need to be:

  • A UK resident
  • An International student who has Leave to Remain issued by the Home Office

To receive a partial scholarship (which is tuition fees only), you need to be:

  • An EU student who has completed their first degree in the UK

More specifically this means that International students and EU students (who don't meet the criterion above) cannot apply for funding/scholarships on KTA Collaborative Training degrees and projects. However you may receive funding for other types of courses.