Who are KTAs aimed at?

The KTA is for people in the public, private and third sectors who want to work together to strengthen their research and its outcomes for UK economy and society.

Specific examples include:

  • Anyone who wants to study, continue studying or retrain at Masters or Doctoral level in an industry-related discipline and who wants to be recognised as well-equipped for work in industry.
  • Employees in businesses who want to enhance, deepen or extend their existing knowledge and expertise and in many cases prepare for career progression.
  • Businesses (commercial, social, start-up, SME, spin-out) who want to collaborate with the university to learn more about science or technology, entrepreneurship, management innovation etc.
  • Other universities which want to work on inter-disciplinary and/or collaborative knowledge exchange programmes
  • Government departments which want to innovate services
  • Charities, voluntary groups, knowledge transfer networks which want to be involved in discussions, ideas and project-generating.