Innovation & Enterprise


Entrepreneurship at UCL

UCL is committed to supporting its staff, students and alumni in the development and practice of entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurship is a set of skills and an attitude to life. It’s as valuable in the modern world as any qualification.  

Our students, staff and alumni can all benefit from entrepreneurial skills - whether they’re starting a business or dealing with the challenges of everyday life. 

In addition to learning how business works, these transferable skills will help them:

  • develop the confidence to try out new ideas, take risks, explore the unexplored
  • work with other people in a range of different situations 
  • succeed academically during their time at UCL and in their future career

How we support students, staff and alumni

UCL Innovation & Enterprise offers students, staff and alumni a wide range of interactive and immersive experiences to stimulate their entrepreneurial drive, enriching their time at UCL and preparing them for the world beyond.

These include:

UCL Innovation & Enterprise has helped over 250 students start a new business. Over 75% of those businesses are still active, five year later.

UCL Business (UCL’s technology commercialisation company) is a wholly owned subsidiary of UCL and has helped create spinouts that have raised investment in excess of £600 million.



Find out more about our flexible co-working and event space for startups near King's Cross, London.