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UCL Alumus secures investment for start-up venture

23 October 2012

Young entrepreneur and former UCL student Chester Mojay-Sinclare, 23, has secured a six-figure investment for his venture which supports charities with fundraising online.

Chester started his business, Charity Checkout, when he graduated from UCL in 2011. The online tool enables charities to accept donations via their own website; it is aimed at small charities that may not have all the necessary resources and expertise in-house, and supports tax-efficient donations and regular giving.

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Following the six-figure investment, Chester is now looking to expand his business and hire more people to grow his team, in addition to several salespeople recently hired to expand his business aggressively.

“It’s been an exciting week for Charity Checkout,” said Chester. “As well as receiving our investment, we also had the Duke of Edinburgh visit our office on the same day.”

Chester was demonstrating the technology to the Duke in connection with the Royal Society of Arts’ Great Room appeal, which he is opening this week.

Timothy Barnes, Director of UCL Advances, praised Chester’s investment.

“It’s great to see Chester go from strength to strength,” said Tim. “Charity Checkout has been one of UCL Advances big success stories out of the businesses we’ve supported, and it’s really down to Chester’s drive and determination that it is expanding so rapidly.”

Chester has been closely supported by UCL Advances in his ventures, with his previous business Alive and Giving – which he started whilst still a student – winning a UCL Bright Ideas Award.

The idea behind the Bright Ideas Awards is to provide funding to businesses which might struggle to secure funding from traditional channels because of their unconventional beginnings. With funding through a loan, the Awards are intended to get businesses up and running to a point where they are an attractive prospect for external investors. 

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