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Meet UCL Mentor Christina and Get Help With Your Marketing

3 October 2013

“When I first met Christina, I thought ‘does this woman ever sleep?!’” – Ruth Hou, Business Support Manager.

In the spring of 2011, Christina Richardson got in touch with UCL Advances about their business mentoring programme (SMILE, Selected Management Interims for London Enterprises) to volunteer her time to mentor London-based start-ups and SMEs.

She was working in FMCG business development, marketing, and brand management for large corporations before she made the leap into starting her own marketing and brand specialist consultancy. She had started to volunteer mentor start-ups and enjoyed it enough to start her own business.

Through UCL, she met with a handful of businesses ranging from a one developing a children’s exercise game/tool to luxury African-manufactured handbags. She offered assistance from product development to marketing strategies to general business planning. One of her mentees said after just a couple of weeks, “Christina has been brilliant. I have had two fantastic sessions with her!”

As if this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Christina also happily gave time to lead a workshop at UCL for businesses on B2C Marketing and Branding. Feedback was so positive that by popular demand, she and the workshop will be back in the autumn of 2013. She says, “working with start-ups and ambitious SMEs day in day out means I get to work with some incredibly driven and talented people; and in so doing it is clear that it is these inspiring entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs that are driving the economy of the future.”

Now, on top of everything else, Christina has started up a new online community aimed at helping businesses collaborate on their marketing.

Brand Gathering

Marketing Collaboration is the best-kept secret of the entrepreneurial world. Loads of savvy brands join forces to do their marketing together – promoting each other, doing events together, even creating new products together - all to get a bigger bang for their buck. The problem is finding the right Brand Match with the right customers, but that’s where Brand Gathering comes in.

Businesses can build a profile for their brand on the site for free, find other brands with customers akin to theirs, and collaborate. Christina has kindly offered a UCL discount so you can sign up now at www.brandgathering.com and use the code "UCL" to be invited to trial new features and exclusive events!

So, it appears that sleep is not a requirement in Christina’s life but her passion for entrepreneurship, start-ups and branding keeps her going!