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International Centre for Entrepreneurship Policy launched

20 February 2013

A new database documenting public and private sector initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship has been launched by UCL Advances.


The new initiative, to be known as INTER-CEP, has been developed with support from the British Council and Georgetown University in the US.

Intended to both provoke and inform debates around enterprise policy, particularly the effectiveness of different interventions to encourage start-ups, it is hoped INTER-CEP will become a world-leading resource for people wanting to learn more about the promotion of entrepreneurship.

In the longer term, it is hoped the database will become a community where entrepreneurs and policy makers can share their knowledge of public and private initiatives aimed at start-up formation – from tax breaks to accelerator funds – and a valuable resource for academics looking to research entrepreneurship policy and the effectiveness of interventions.

Those wishing to submit policy examples and case studies can register to do so from today.

“There is nothing out there which is comparable to this,” says Timothy Barnes, Director of UCL Advances. “As well as adding to the cross-section of case studies ourselves, which we are doing continually, we very much want this to become a self-sustaining community of entrepreneurs and policy makers discussing and evaluating what works to promote entrepreneurship, and frankly, what doesn’t.”

It is hoped that once the number of case studies reaches critical mass, the database will serve as a valuable resource both for researchers and policy makers looking to analyse trends in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship, both over time and according to country.

Already, INTER-CEP includes 70 case studies from four continents and over a dozen countries.

“As the centre grows, we hope to have research staff from UCL analyse the data to actively influence enterprise policy,” adds Timothy Barnes. “That way, the value of the Centre will continue to increase as time goes on.”