UCL Innovation and Enterprise


First exhibitor signed up for London 2014 GCEC conference

22 October 2013


UCL has recruited its first exhibitor – SimVenture – for the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centre (GCEC) conference in London next year, the first time it has been held outside the USA.

SimVenture is a multi-award winning business simulation that allows people to create and run a virtual company and learn about business and entrepreneurship in an engaging and authentic way.

By being able to practice running a business in a hands-on experiential manner, before doing it for real, users SimVenture enables users to understand the nature of decisions and issues which come up when running a business for real.

Developed by brothers Paul and Peter Harrington, the product was launched in the UK in 2006. Over 100,000 people now use the software in over 38 countries.

Founder Peter Harrington is also exhibiting at the GCEC conference in Kansas this year, with the help of UK Trade & Industry. He praised the help from UKTI and is enthusiastic about exhibiting in London the following year.

“We were delighted to receive the very welcome financial support from the UKTI,” he said. “Their grant meant we could definitely attend the Conference in Kansas City and I’m really looking forward to meeting the delegates.

“Part of our reason for wanting to attend is the fact that the same GCEC event will be held at University College London in 2014,” he added. “We are very keen to support all international entrepreneurship conferences that take place in the UK especially if they are backed by such prestigious organisations as UCL.”

“It’s great to have SimVenture on-board at such an early stage for next year’s GCEC conference,” said Gups Jagpal, Deputy Director of UCL Advances, who has also worked with Peter in a previous position at the University of Birmingham. “I suggested they exhibit in Kansas and I was keen that they sign up to do the same at the conference in London next year, too. They are a perfect fit for an audience of aspiring entrepreneurs.”