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Entrepreneur sees tech news website pass one million views mark

22 April 2013

It was a lifelong passion for science, technology and innovation which led UCL student Alex Muller to first consider becoming an entrepreneur – and now his business, specialist news website, Planettechnews.com, has enabled him to share his passion with readers across the globe.

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Indeed, early praise for PlanetTech News has come from writers as far afield as NASA in the USA, with readership growing exponentially since Alex, 24, set up the site two years ago – and its popularity is now such that it has reached over one million page views, and is accelerating quickly. 

“What inspired me was the success of other online knowledge repositories which help people every day, like Wikipedia,” says Alex. “I’ve contributed to the site myself and wanted to do for science and technology news what Wikipedia has done for general knowledge.”

Alex explains that the aim of PlanetTech News is to create a high quality, visually appealing and reliable online source of science and technology news, presented in the form of a daily magazine.

“I always found it difficult to find engaging science and technology news pitched at level non-scientists would understand,” says Alex. “So I decided to set up my own resource to share with others, too.”

Alex, who is in the final year of a degree in Information Management for Business at UCL, has received support from both members of the engineering faculty and, additionally, UCL Advances through their arranging for him to gain guidance from a mentor through their business support programme.

“The support from UCL for my business idea has been fantastic,” says Alex. “If anyone is thinking of starting their own business, student or otherwise, I would say tell as many people as possible about your idea, get as much support as you can and, most of all, always have faith in your idea.”