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New Partnership for World-Leading Virtual Exhibitions

31 March 2009

UCL has just signed three partnership agreements, negotiated by Dr Anna Clark, UCL Director of Corporate Partnerships, which will enable the university to take a leading role in the development of Virtual Exhibitions in the arts and heritage sector.

UCL Extends its Relationship with Arius 3D

UCL has extended its successful three-year loan equipment agreement with the Canadian company Arius3D for the 3D colour laser based in The UCL Chorley Institute and negotiated new agreements with Arius3D and with the Irish-funded company Íomhánna Éigipteach Teoranta (IET), for licensing 3D images and for the development of Virtual Exhibitions.

Sally MacDonald, Head of UCL Collections, commented that ‘this collaboration provides a wonderful opportunity to create innovative 3D virtual exhibitions based on the Petrie Museum's world class collections, and to bring UCL's work to audiences worldwide’. Prof. Stuart Robson of The UCL Centre for Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, who has been leading the university’s 3D scanning research emphasised the benefits ‘to UCL’s imaging and Digital Humanities research’.

Brian Mori, President of Arius3D paid tribute to how "UCL's continued innovation and leadership thinking has allowed this tri-party agreement to provide enhanced access to one of the world's most valuable collections” and Dr Mike Spearman, Director of IET added that this was “a unique opportunity to combine ground breaking 3D technology with one of the great Egyptology collections”.

The Chorley Institute Arius3D colour laser was installed at UCL in 2006. Based on National Research Council Canada (NRC) technology, and licensed to Arius3D, it was the first of its kind in Europe, and has already generated more than £2.5 million of research funding proposals, as well as numerous workshops and seminars. Prof. Stuart Robson has worked with Sally MacDonald on UCL interdisciplinary initiatives, using the new technology to further relationships with external institutions including the British Museum and The National Trust.

The new agreements bring a number of benefits to UCL, including latest generation 3D colour scanning technology (with a new mobile scanner), associated software, funding of scanning and curatorial staff and refurbishment. The Petrie Museum will also derive income from the new agreements’ licensing and royalty provisions, transacted through UCL Business.

Mori Group

(left-right: Brian Mori, Prof Stuart Robson, Sally MacDonald, Mike Spearman)

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