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Citrus Saturday heading to Africa

15 October 2013

Citrus Saturday will be heading to Swaziland this autumn thanks to the Commonwealth Secretariat, and to Mozambique thanks to the enterprising approach of a London student.

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The Secretariat has been approached by Junior Achievement Swaziland, the country’s branch of the international organisation which aims to inspire young people to succeed in a 21st century global economy.

JA Swaziland is currently working with 80 schools in the country to empower students and develop their potential for personal and financial success.

They will partner with Citrus Saturday this month to run the first African pilot of the project, building on their network of school contacts to bring the project directly to young people. 

In tandem, the Citrus Saturday team will be working with the University of Swaziland branch of Enactus – an international organisation dedicated to using entrepreneurial action to change lives – to provide student volunteers to supervise teams from the schools taking part.

Citrus Saturday lemonade stands will pop up in the capital cities of Swaziland and  Mozambique on Saturday 9th November as young people from both African nations get their first chance to experience and learn from operating a real business! As JA Swaziland is the host for Africa's Global Entrepreneurship Week events in November, and for the 15 African branches of JA Africa which they are hosting in a conference in December, it is hoped that this pilot and subsequent events will inspire delegates from all over the continent to return to their own countries with plans to operate the initiative in other regions too.

The pilot in Maputo was organised by a student that volunteerd in London's Citrus Saturday and is from Mozambique, who decided to bring Citrus Saturday to Maputo International School. Fei Manhache received training from the London Citrus Saturday team and took the toolkit back with him to organise the very first Citrus Saturday in Mozambique! Fei has been assisted in Mozambique by Nilza Adam, a UCL alumnus, who volunteered to help after hearing about Citrus Saturday through a UCL e-bulletin.

Citrus Saturday Manager Jack Wratten, based at UCL, will be travelling to Africa for the duration of the project.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to trial Citrus Saturday in a radically different setting to where it’s successfully operated so far,” he said. “Already we’ve been buoyed by the enthusiasm all the organisations taking part have shown towards taking part in Citrus Saturday. Most importantly, I’m hoping that it will be life-changing for those taking part and inspire then in a lifetime of entrepreneurship.”

Citrus Saturday is charitable education programme developed by UCL Advances and part-funded by the European Union's Interreg 4b NWE programme grant for Open Innovation. The expansion into Africa has been supported with funding from the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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