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Poq Studio

16 August 2013

How to plant the seed of an idea and nurture a sustainable business

Who is Poq Studio?

Poq Studio, founded in 2011 by Michael Langguth and Oyvind Heriksen (MSc Technology Entrepreneurship, 2012), makes it easy for fashion brands to get branded mobile apps and web sites to sell more online and engage with their customers. Their clients range from high street shoe brands to the quirky and cool jewellery designer Tatty Devine.

Person using app on tablet computer

How did UCL help?

Poq Studio has benefitted from a broad range of UCL initiatives – it all started from the very beginning in the UCL Advances Student Business Hatchery, in close proximity to the UCL Advances team. Poq Studio not only received help and support from the staff, but also from the growing number of other student companies joining the Hatchery.

In 2012 Poq Studio won a UCL Advances Bright Ideas award giving them their first financial leg-up. The awards recognise businesses that have potential, but might not be ready for venture capital investment at this stage, lending them some funds to get their business up and running.

Members of the Poq team regularly attend the OpenCoffee Club hosted at UCL every week which was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to meet up. Here they met similar entrepreneurs facing similar difficulties and exchanged tips and support.

“Our success was only made possibly by the Advances network.” Michael Langguth, Founder

The UCL Advances HELO (Higher Education London Outreach) programme helped define Poq Studio’s product and test user experience of the software, giving them a unique and highly informative inside perspective. “This was immensely helpful in the early days of development,” says Michael.

What were the results?

In order to take the business forward, investment was needed. The SMILE (Selected Management Interims for London Enterprises) programme connected Poq Studio to a mentor with the skills to develop a comprehensive business plan, setting out the potential growth and level of investment needed. The mentor helped identify the right people to pitch to and made the necessary investor introductions.The end result was a total of £225k invement raised.

Poq Studio has subsequently made use of the UCL internship program which connects bright UCL students with local businesses to deliver real results and impact to their host organisations. The interns are selected for the field that they would like to engage in and are paid by UCL. In the words of Michael, “the quality of the interns is really high, they were really motivated.”

Poq Studio still taps into the vast UCL alumni network and continues to thrive having recently moved to London’s Tech City and growing the team.