Marketing plan coaches teachers’ champion to greater success

1 November 2011

Integrity Coaching has not been short of praise from numerous quarters – from journalists to teachers to trade unionists – since it was founded by former head teacher Viv Grant in 2008. Yet last year the company, which offers a range of coaching services to BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) teachers and school leaders, felt that its marketing programme needed reviewing, and Viv asked HELO for help.

Integrity Coaching

Three students produced an in-depth market and competitor analysis for the company, and their recommendations included an overhaul of Integrity Coaching’s website. They also identified potential sources of financial support for the company.

When a small company has a niche target market, such as Integrity Coaching has, it is essential that its marketing methods and means are honed to reach as many people in that market as possible. London-based Integrity Coaching offers a range of coaching services to help BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) teachers and school leaders, and those who work in children and young people’s services, develop their leadership skills and expertise.

Viv Grant, a former primary head teacher, founded the company in 2008 to address the under-representation of BME senior teachers in leadership positions. Since then, Integrity Coaching has received plaudits from local authorities across London, has been featured in a number of media outlets such as the Times, TES, and the Voice, and is the chosen provider for the NUT’s Aspire to Lead programme. Yet last year the company felt it needed support to promote their specialised services, and they turned to HELO.

The HELO team invited three students – Mildred Yeboah, Isaac Boateng and Layla Redway- Harris – to produce an in-depth market and competitor analysis for the company. They also analysed Integrity Coaching’s marketing materials and website, looked into government policies relevant to the business, and identified potential sources of financial support in the public and private sectors.

Viv Grant says: “The market research provided a useful starting point for us. It enabled us to understand the marketplace and work out how best to position ourselves.”

Mildred Yeboah, who has an MSc in Human- Computer Interaction, adds: “I had extensive knowledge regarding web design and was able to add something of real value to Integrity Coaching where that was concerned. What I got in return was practice in conducting interviews with many different sorts of people, as I had not done any market research before.”

Mildred is now working as a business analyst for car rental company Hertz. “I’ve been able to take a lot of my experience at Integrity Coaching into my new role,” she says. “With the improvements I’ve made to the company website, we’ve seen an increase in repeat business – all to Hertz’s benefit, and my career’s, too.”