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Stasher: UCL startup provides a much-needed safe place to leave your luggage

Stasher provides a flexible, affordable service for tourists and travellers to store their bags securely in locations across a number of UK and European cities.

Stasher founders Jacob Wedderburn-Day and Anthony Collias

28 November 2017

How our postgrads bagged their place in the fast lane

Whether you’re travelling to Leeds, Paris or Lisbon, it’s never been easier to find a place to stay. But it was about time someone made it easier to find a place to leave your luggage while you take in the sights or wait for a flight.

UCL alumni Matt Majewski (MSc Business Analytics & Computer Science 2016) and Jacob Wedderburn-Day (MSc Economics 2016), together with co-founder Anthony Collias, have done just that. Stasher provides a flexible, affordable service that means anyone on the move can find a secure spot nearby to store (and insure) their bags.

From kitchen table to household name

Today’s tourists and travellers have these three entrepreneurs to thank for Stasher. And the entrepreneurs have UCL Innovation & Enterprise to thank for access to an HQ in central London that didn’t cost them a penny. What's more, they received expert commercial advice and access to our network of peers and mentors who offered precious insights, motivation and opportunities to collaborate.

We're thrilled to have played a part in helping them turn a great idea into a thriving business - fast.

The first stop on the Stasher journey was at one of UCL’s central London startup workspaces. Before this, the team had been working to secure initial funding and were eager to devote themselves to the venture full time. But without the funds to rent suitable office space they had to squeeze into each other’s homes and any other places they could find.

With support from one of UCL Innovation & Enterprise's Business Acceleration Advisors, they secured a slot at UCL's business incubator for startups and new enterprise, The Hatchery. This wasn't just a space in the heart of the capital that Stasher could call home - it was somewhere they could connect with, be inspired by, and share and solve challenges with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

The next stop on the journey

Since it started, the company has secured two rounds of funding totalling £950,000. The team has doubled in size, and gone from dealing with 1,000 bags to over 40,000. They already have a presence across 18 UK cities, Amsterdam and Paris, and they've now set their sights on developing an app, expanding into new territories and developing new services including luggage delivery.

“Without Innovation & Enterprise, we might still be a small business - run from a kitchen table in our spare time. Now we’re about to expand our list of global destinations and develop new services.” Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Co-founder Stasher


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