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UCL Awards for Entrepreneurship 2016 Winners

UCL Bright Ideas Awards

Start-up funding for promising businesses emerging from UCL undergraduate and postgraduate students and recent alumni.




Rachael Twumasi-Corson, Medical Anthropology MSc
Joycelyn Mate, BA (hons)

Afrocenchix blend natural, fairtrade and organic ingredients into curly haircare.

Afrocenchix was born when a shared frustration over chemical-filled hair products that just didn’t work led Joycelyn and Rachael to create their own. We blend natural, fairtrade and organic ingredients to care for tight curls and multi-textured hair. Our ethical product line smells delicious, works effectively and makes natural simple.



Eleanor Burgess, BA, UCL MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2016
Dr Kieran Latham BSc (Hons) MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2016 MBChB
Artsiom Stalpouski, BS, UCL MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2016

AppraiseMe supports healthcare professionals with their yearly mandatory appraisal.

AppraiseMe supports healthcare professionals with their annual appraisal. We provide a streamlined online content management service and digitally connect doctors with appraisers. By solving this problem we are creating the largest network of healthcare professionals in the UK for providing doctors on-demand in the future.

Context Scout

Context Scout

Marc Sloan, UCL PhD Information Retrieval 2016

Andy O’Harney - University of Glasgow MSci Computer Science 2012

Context Scout - Assistive Artificial Intelligence for Professional Search.

Through web based workflow modeling, Context Scout pre-empts your next searches. It automatically and efficiently searches the web for the most relevant information to you right now. Then it can augment the information you see as you're browsing a webpage with what you would have searched for next.

Activate Technologies

Activate Technologies Ltd: Kickabout

Alex Jones, UCL BSc Information Management for Business

Avinash Javaji, UCL MEng Mechanical Engineering

Lilyana Videnova, UCL MSc Human-Computer Interaction and Ergonomics

Activate creates health technologies. Creators of Kickabout and Activate AI.

Activate exists to get people healthier via making sport more enjoyable and easier to play. We created a sports meet-up app aimed at football players, called Kickabout, and now we're developing our own AI sports coach; Activate AI.



Mustafa A. Khanwala, UCL Alumnus, MSc Engineering with Finance

Tanvi Bhardwaj, Manchester Uni Alumnus, BEng (hons) Computer Systems Engineering

Avoid Queuing with MishiPay: Scan, Pay, Leave - experience online shopping in store! 

MishiPay's app allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode and pay with their phone, and simply walk out with it. Completely eliminating the need to queue at any till. What's more, our patent-pending technology ensures full security against theft, so you can't walk out without paying.



David Greenberg, Research Associate, UCL, The Ear Institute
Tarek Ahmed, PhD BioPhysics, UCL Eastman Dental Institute
Alex  Matei, mHealth Manager for BUPA
Navaz  Davoodian, Research & teaching fellow, The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment

RecommendMe connects the elderly to activities, promoting healthy ageing.

RecommendMe is a digital platform for use by an ageing population, able to connect a user to relevant services, activities and peer groups. Personalised recommendations are developed for each user based on their interests, their physical, mental and social capacity, geographical location and the activities undertaken by their peer group.

Safe & Sound Festival Services

Safe & Sound Festival Services

Jordan Turnbull, co-founder,  EngD Biochemical Engineering 
Joseph Newton, co-founder,  EngD Biochemical Engineering

Safe & Sound is a luggage transportation service for festival goers.

By removing the need to travel by car (by unburdening the customer), Safe & Sound offers convenience to customers, whilst reducing carbon emissions from customer transport to and from the festival. Safe & Sound also offers a return service as standard, in an effort to reduce waste left at the site.

Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence

Daniel Mohamed, MSc Urban Regeneration

Urban Intelligence is a proptech start-up that is using tech to boost productivity in the planning system.

Urban Intelligence is a B2B Proptech Startup founded by an urban planner from UCL who was frustrated with how difficult and time consuming it was to search for the information necessary to prepare a planning application. We’re building a search engine that will enable developers to quickly identify what policies and constraints are relevant to their ‘development scenario’ based on location. The system will retrieve results from all levels of government from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to the neighbourhood plan. We’re aiming to integrate our search functionality with a mapping system which will enable you to easily identify what is going on around your site that’s relevant to urban planning.



Noor Alkhadra - MSc TE

WeGeek is a physical space which allows gamers to socialize while playing games. 

WeGeek brings gamers, game publishers, hardware manufacturers, indie game developers and geeks together in one space and allows them to organically socialize and interact all while having fun. A place for the newest and coolest in gaming and a platform for newer developers to show off their games and get noticed.

UCL Provost’s Spirit of Enterprise Award

For a UCL academic who has most consistently demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit.


Professor Deborah Gill

Professor Deborah Gill

Director, UCL Medical School

Deborah Gill has been instrumental in establishing and growing the thriving education consultancy unit within the Medical School, harnessing school-wide expertise to offer services that enable, inform and support high-quality, scientifically rigorous and patient-focused education and training for doctors. She has ensured this consultancy focuses on partnerships: co-creating bespoke, sustainable education that is relevant to the community it serves. She has made enterprise a core activity of the Medical School; creating an inclusive and sustainable consultancy model that enables the Medical School to share its expertise with medical educators globally and in the UK, and provide substantial new income for the School.

Shortlisted Nominees

Dr David Selviah

Dr David Selviah

Reader in Optical Devices, Interconnects, Algorithms and Systems, UCL Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

David is a truly entrepreneurial academic involved in knowledge transfer projects with companies that have led to patents, new research directions and contributed to students being recruited into companies. He has won Innovate UK funding working with multiple startups, SMEs and large companies worth millions of pounds. His research with industry such as that on optical interconnects and 3D LIDAR scanning has permeated into new research projects for PhD, Masters and Bachelors Degree students and into his lecture courses as well as leading to new startups focused on algorithms for seamless 3D LIDAR image pattern recognition. His professional approach, vision, drive and willingness to be of assistance to companies of all sizes from Airbus to Hornit, from the Mars Rover to Bicycle Bells exhibits a true Spirit of Enterprise.

Professor Gary Lye

Professor Gary Lye

Head of UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering

Director of Industrial Doctoral Training Centre (IDTC) for Bioprocessing Engineering Leadership

The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership has been a focus for entrepreneurial research and training across UCL. Gary has been Director since 2008 and in that time the CDT has received £11M EPSRC support and run 80 EngD projects with 70 different companies. Many of the research outputs have been commercialised or are in industrial or clinical use.  The CDT has underpinned 2 major research Centres of Excellence with GSK and MedImmune totaling £2.1M. Enterprise is core to EngD training and has led to a culture change amongst EngD graduates.  4 spin-out companies created since 2012 have generated a further £1.4M of UCL-collaborative grants and now support 6 of the next generation of EngD researchers.

Professor Ian Wong

Professor Ian Wong

Chair in Pharmacy Practice and Head of Research Department of Practice and Policy, UCL School of Pharmacy

Professor Wong is a world-leading researcher and teacher in paediatric pharmacy who set up UCL spinout company Therakind as an R&D platform for knowledge exchange. Professor Wong and Therakind have worked closely with large pharmaceutical companies to apply pharmaceutical science in the development of paediatric medicines.  Buccolam® for prolonged seizure (Shire-Pharmaceutical) and Ayendi® for severe pain (Wockhardt-Pharmaceutical) were developed and marketed in Europe. Professor Wong uses Buccolam® and Ayendi® as examples in undergraduate teaching. This has stimulated student interest in entrepreneurship. Professor Wong is currently working on other paediatric medicines projects; and the development of more licensed medicines is expected.

UCL/Business Reporter Medal for Entrepreneurship

For an entrepreneur who has founded their own successful business and worked to benefit society.

Paul Barry-Walsh

Paul Barry-Walsh

Paul Barry-Walsh is a successful entrepreneur who wanted to help others who aspire to run their own business but are unable to obtain the necessary support to do so. To do this he launched ‘The Fredericks Foundation’ - a charity that helps disadvantaged people set up or expand their own business to achieve financial independence.

Since its inception in 2001 the foundation has:

  • Provided over 1200 loans
  • Lent in excess of £4m
  • Created and safeguarded over 2000 jobs