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UCL Awards for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2017 - winners and commendations

See the full list of individuals and teams who received an award or commendation at the UCL Awards for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2017.

UCL Provost’s Spirit of Enterprise Award

This award recognises the achievements and approach of UCL staff, teams or partnerships that have demonstrated a real spirit of enterprise at UCL. This could be in the form of any innovation and enterprise activity including consultancy, spin-outs or partnerships.


Dr Kenneth Tong and Dr Robert Thompson
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dr Tong and Dr Thompson are working with the agricultural research centre Rothamsted Research to explore ways in which data available from the internet of things (IoT) can be used to help inform agricultural practices at a local level in the developing world. With EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account funding, researchers adopted an innovative approach to knowledge exchange and the promotion of these goals through a series of multi-disciplinary hackathons and social enterprise training, delivered as a competition. The latter resulted in two new spin-out companies, Cassaver and Pudl Metrics, which are currently working with cassava farmers in Kenya and rice farmers in the Philippines.


The Englicious team
Department of English Language and Literature

The Englicious team has shown considerable initiative in using their academic research on English grammar for practical, tangible purposes in training school teachers across the country. They’ve created a range of successful digital and paper resources for the classroom and run popular CPD (continuing professional development) courses and inset days for schools. They're an excellent example of how research in the humanities can lead to impactful activity.

Catherine Holloway
Global Disability Innovation Hub 
Department of Computer Science

Cathy is the Academic Director and co-founder of the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI). She’s drawn together a multi-partner and truly multidisciplinary approach at the GDI Hub to answer research questions and create innovative solutions. This has brought community partners and start-ups together with academics and businesses to think about disability innovation from a new perspective. A first cohort of PhD students will join the hub this academic year. She also directs the UCL-James Dyson Summer School - a weeklong hack of wheelchairs for young people. She's CEO of Movement Metrics, a UCL spin-out and community interest company.

Dr Javier Lopez Pena
Department of Mathematics

Javier started researching the mathematics of football around the 2010 FIFA World Cup as an outreach project. After promising preliminary results, this research resulted in the publication of a paper in the book 'Sports Physics'. The success and interest received prompted Javier to launch a sports analytics start-up, Kickdex, in 2013. Kickdex underwent several successful rounds of investment and grew to hire eight full-time employees. It was bought by a leading proprietary sports betting company in 2016. The story of Kickdex is a great example of how mathematics research can be taken out of academia and into real world applications.

Jo Volley and Onya McCausland
The Slade School of Fine Art

Jo Volley and Onya McCausland are working with The Coal Authority to develop a unique series of British earth colours by repurposing ochre waste from selected coal-mine water treatment facilities across the UK. They’ve named each colour by its place of origin and prepared it for use as pigment for paint for the fine art and commercial paint markets for the very first time. A series of commercial feasibility activities have confirmed the project's potential and The Coal Authority has invested £116,000 for 2017/18. This is the first such opportunity developed by the Slade.

Farha New Venture Awards

These awards support promising student start-up businesses and social enterprises.

Funded by a generous donation from UCL alumnus and philanthropist George Farha (Chemical Engineering 1991), the awards are made to UCL students who've developed the most promising start-up after completing the ‘Launch - £10,000 challenge’ summer pre-accelerator programme.



Founder - Dayo Akinrinade, MSc Technology Entrepreneurship, School of Management, Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

AfriClick is a social discovery app for global professionals of African heritage. The algorithm identifies matches using cultural values and targets in what is an under-served niche market of 18 million people.


Founder and CEO - Dr Dexter Penn, MSc Health & Medical Sciences, UCL Institute of Health Informatics, Faculty of Population Health Sciences. Dexter is also a staff member at the Dementia Research Centre, Institute of Neurology, Faculty of Brain Sciences and an NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow.

Kalgera is an award-winning concept for a digital personal finance manager tailored to the needs of older people. Every year, 5 million older people in the UK fall victim to scams, which forms a large portion of the £38 billion lost each year in the UK to fraud. Kalgera means ‘good old-age’ in Ancient Greek and its mission is to safeguard the financial lives of vulnerable people while helping them stay in control of their money.

Smart Flora

Founder - Shannon Doyle, BSc Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Life Sciences (graduated in 2016/17).

Smart Flora uses the latest in scientific research and evidence to recommend the best probiotic supplement for your gut. They use advanced recommendation technology to provide the probiotic that has the best chances of being effective.

Spotters (now called Flair)

Co-Founder and CEO - Nii Cleland, MSc Technology Entrepreneurship, UCL School of Management, Faculty of Engineering Sciences (graduated in 2017). Co-Founder and Head of Product - Darrell Coker. Co-Founder and CTO - Lee Gould.

Flair is a social network dedicated to youth football players. It’s a mobile app, like Instagram, but the features are tailored specifically to youth football players. For example, you can create a football bio with things like your preferred foot and playing position, add your match stats each week, and attempt football challenges. The long-term aim is for it to become the global digital platform for the next generation of sportsperson.